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Your Attitude, Not Your Aptitude Will Determine Your Altitude ~ Zig Ziglar

by Alex

Have you had an attitude check lately?

It’s a bit like an oil check. Stick the dipstick in and check your attitude. Are the results clean, golden and reaching the top bar on your stick or did your check reveal a thick, black, dense muck running on empty?

Your attitude is the only thing standing between you and success.

Aptitude, that being the natural ability to do something has nothing to do with how far you can fly. The heights you can reach are determined only by your attitude.

We took our niece to see ‘Happy Feet 2’ in 3D yesterday. I would have seen it without taking a child along because I love the theme that runs through these types of movies. Wide-eyed youngsters believing they can achieve anything without any need of proof. The perfect examples of what a ‘positive mental attitude’ looks like.

How do we lose that attitude as we grow older?

Did someone along the way ever tell you, “You can’t do that”, “You’ll never make that work”, “These things never work” and my favorite, “Yeah good luck with that!”

How did you handle that? Did you rise above it or did you cower beneath its contempt?

Sometimes our fear of rejection, criticism, disapproval or being laughed at eats into our attitude and we start to question ourselves. We start to question our lofty goals and wonder if in some small way they might be right. It’s a small nagging fear that if left unchecked will fester in your mind until you can no longer see the vision you had clearly cut for yourself.

In order for you to protect your attitude from a barrage of negativity you must know two things:

1) The opinions of others are not nearly as important as your opinion of yourself.

The opinions of others are actually in most cases opinions of themselves. “You’ll never make it” is their way of revealing that in life they believe they’ll never make it. “You can’t do that” actually translates to “I can’t do that”.

Understand this and it will set you free.

2) Get this point and it will really set you free. Nine times out of ten people are not actually thinking anything about you at all. They’re too busy thinking about themselves and wondering what YOU are thinking of THEM!

So with this knowledge in mind, how far do you want to soar? Where do your dreams take you?

attitude 2One of my favorite motivational coaches is Tony Robbins. And in the study of NLP they have a belief that goes a little like this: “Possible in the world, possible for me, it’s just a question of how.” If you don’t know anything at all about Tony Robbins and you want to soar like an eagle, then you must buy his book, “Awaken The Giant Within”. It’s powerful stuff. Any limiting belief you’ve ever had about yourself and your potential can be eliminated through reading this book. I guarantee it!

This one belief is all about your attitude. If someone else out there has achieved a particular result, and you want that result, all you have to do is work out how they got that result and then do what they did. Pretty simple stuff huh? So whatever it is you want to achieve in life, get your attitude into a place of “I CAN DO THIS!” and then work out how someone else did it, and DO IT!!!

No-one that can stop you from achieving your dreams except YOU.

attitude 1So I ask you now, what would you do with your life if you knew that anything is possible?

Would you become an astronaut, a brain surgeon, an inventor, a Formula 1 race car driver, a photographer, a florist, a wedding planner, a property developer, an art curator or a damn good network marketer who writes damn fine blogs?

Who would become if you knew you could achieve anything?

It’s only your Attitude in life, not your Aptitude that will determine your Altitude.

Go fly! You have a voice and you have a gift. Share it!

Oh and by the way, for those of you that DO want to become a damn good network marketer who writes damn fine blogs, read “How To Make A Successful Blog – 7 Steps To Success”.

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