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The Truth – The ONE Reason 97% FAIL With An MLM Business Opportunity

by Alex

For whatever reason you’ve started to do your due diligence on an MLM business opportunity I want to congratulate you. So few people even bother to get this far.

If only more people entering the MLM industry did the same, we wouldn’t see the alarming statistics that we do. I am baffled by the fact that so many people who enter this industry have no clue as to how they’re going to make this business model work.

Would you open a small business in your town without a business model or a plan? Hopefully not.  And that’s how it is in the MLM industry.

Desperate people are lured by the promises of huge rewards, but sadly very few people are told of how much work is involved in getting those huge rewards. If they only understood that they need to treat this with as much respect as they would a normal small business then they would have a better chance of succeeding.

However, this is not normally disclosed up front.

The old school method of luring people into this industry is to get people excited by the idea of earning great sums of money, and being told that all you have to do is tell 3 friends, who tell 3 friends, who tell 3 friends – and bingo! “You’re gonna be rich!”

Doesn’t sound too complicated does it? So well intentioned people dive in, completely unaware that not all people are created equal.

The first people newbies think to hit on with their MLM business opportunity are their family and friends. Because that’s the business model that’s taught. And what happens when you find out that family and friends don’t see this the same way you do? What next?

mlm business opportunityWell, then you start looking at everyone you see on the street, in the supermarket, at the ballpark … you’re thinking, “I can SAVE all these people from their financial woes.” But have you ever tried talking to a stranger about your incredible MLM business opportunity? And gotten that blank, bored stare?

It happens to all of us! So now what?

You’ve already invested. Your spouse is giving you the accusatory, “I TOLD you this wouldn’t work.” Your friends are laughing at you because you thought you were so going to get rich with this. Your family either pities you or is now estranged from you and won’t pick up the phone when you call. People you know start looking the other way when you approach. Was this what you signed up for? No way!

But it’s not your fault. No one told you it would be like this. But I am here to let you in on one tiny little secret that so few people know about when it comes to being successful with an MLM business opportunity.

How do I know that so few people know about it? Because the failure rate is 97%.

So, do you want to know what the ONE SECRET is that is the difference between you succeeding and you failing?

Let me see if you can guess. It’s so simple but so few people get it.

Let’s say you discover a cure for baldness. A REAL cure! Do you think this is something that may have incredible international success? Do you think you just might get rich with a REAL cure for baldness? You betcha!

So, do you think it makes sense to build your business model on telling only your family, friends, work colleagues and the bald postman about it? Heck no!

How are you going to tell the world about your cure for baldness? Are you going to shout it from the rooftops?mlm business opportunities

And this leads us to the SECRET that no one is going to tell you when building an MLM business opportunity. Have you guessed what it is yet? That’s right! You need MARKETING tools! It doesn’t matter how cool your product is if no one knows about it!

You need to MARKET it by incorporating marketing tools into your business model! And are you going to market your cure for baldness to women, to children, to teenagers? NO!!! You are going to market your cure for baldness to BALD people.

See where we’re going here? So why on earth would you try and market your MLM business opportunity to people who are not interested in having a business? You need to market your MLM business opportunity to whom? People looking to have a business! It’s so simple isn’t it?

And yet 97% of people in the MLM industry never get to learn this one simple secret. If only they had learned how to MARKET themselves and their MLM business opportunity with the right marketing tools they would have achieved the success they were looking for. For themselves and their families.

So when you’ve decided which MLM business opportunity  you want to get involved in (and if you need help with this check out MLM Company Reviews), and there is a lot of criteria to consider here too, get the best marketing tools you can find and I guarantee that you’ll be successful. (To avoid an MLM Scam read this first.)

Decide right now how much effort you’re prepared to put into your MLM business opportunity, bring the right mindset to the fore and stack your sack with the finest marketing tools out there, namely … a BLOG!


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Alex and Erica are Internet Marketing Coaches, Mentors and International Speakers. To work directly with Alex and Erica, Go HERE Now.


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