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Stop Buying Dodgy MLM Marketing That Is Designed To Keep You BROKE And CONFUSED!

by Alex

It never ceases to amaze me when people buy MLM marketing products from self promoting guru’s who in some cases have never built a downline in their life and bascially have very little clue on how to really offer sound MLM marketing solutions.

I have never professed to be a guru. My success has come from knowing how to weed out the fake guru’s from the authentic ones. And yes, I’ll admit to falling prey to a few MLM marketing scams that still make my blood boil as I write this, but at the end of the day I know how to spot an MLM marketing leader when I see one.

So ladies and gentlemen, I BEG YOU … please do NOT buy any more dodgy MLM marketing solutions until you’ve read this review. I promise you, this is the LAST MLM marketing product you will EVER need to buy.

Let me explain.mlm marketing

A little while back two tortured souls got together and formulated a plan to reach out to thousands of struggling home based business owners  and network marketers and offer them a lifeline to get their businesses into profit mode. These two tortured souls by the way have actually recruited THOUSANDS into their downlines and have generated MILLIONS of dollars of income for themselves personally.

Now in the tradition of ‘what goes around comes around’ they formulated a way to genuinely release all the secrets on how they made it to where they are today, and how YOU can, STEP-BY-STEP make it too.

Now I must admit, I was skeptical and cynical in the beginning, because like you, I had been so badly burned in the past by fake MLM marketing guru’s promising that my pain and struggle would be over soon if I just bought their magical blueprint on “how I made XXX amount in XX days by following this simple plan.” Well I have a few of those simple plans scattered around my library and they’re not worth the recycled paper I printed them on. But hey, well done guys on sucking me in and getting my $97. You sure know how to market.

So when the marketing hoopla surrounding the “non-disclosure” contracted pre-launch reached me I was already pretty much shut down. And I understand that is true for many people out there still struggling to bring home that residual income that was promised to release you from your J-O-B and bring you the financial prosperity you so desperately desire for you and your family.

But I have this mantra, it never hurts to listen … so I tuned into the 3 hour marathon pre-launch event …

And I was mesmerized. Never before had I heard someone speak with so much passion, straight from the heart about wanting to make a massive difference in the lives of others. Never before had I heard someone so deeply committed to a vision that at this point only he could see. He was emotive, impassioned, vehement and emphatic about his vision.

He displayed an overwhelming understanding of the painful plight of the home based business builder and pledged that he would lead the way to the promised land of profits and freedom.

What he did in one night was galvanize a band of weary warriors into action, back onto the battlefield and into the victorious glory of pure instantaneous profits.

Now I am not saying this happened overnight. Although for some with existing lists it did happen overnight. But for the little people who’d never made a dime before, seeing that first email notification saying “YOU RECEIVED A PAYMENT” was like finding an oasis in the desert. For the first time ever, real, ordinary folks were starting to experience what it feels like to actually GET PAID! Admittedly it was only $25 in the beginning. But then it turned into $100. And then it turned into $500. For some people, getting paid $625 in a week was more money than they’d ever made in their home based business EVER!


Imagine if you knew that this was the last MLM marketing system you ever needed to invest in to get you into profit mode. Now I’m not saying, stop your education after this. You  must always be on a path of self-education. It never stops. But what I am saying is stop buying dodgy MLM marketing solutions that are NOT designed to get you into profit mode fast.

I want you to see for yourself how home based business builders all over the world are finally getting results online and offline and generating instant profits.

If you are sick and tired of being tricked and lied to, go here now to see how these two guys can change your lives. And remember, it never hurts to listen.

If you’re new to the home based business arena you need to read a post I wrote about a guy who’s been in this industry since the dawn of time and reveals how to earn $100k per month.

I wish you nothing but the best because that’s what you TRULY deserve.

If you want to reach out and talk to me, shoot me an email at

I always respond within 24 hours ;  )







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Alex and Erica Udeanu are online Affiliate Marketers who have created a MULTIPLE SIX FIGURE INCOME* in multiple online businesses. They have built an International Team spanning the USA, the UK, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand and specialize in Coaching and Mentoring "total newbies" who are Getting Online for the very first time. Whether you're trying to Get More Leads for your Home Based Business, or you're looking to Build a Home Based Business from scratch, Alex and Erica will provide you with the Systems and Strategies you need to Get You To Where You Want To Be. If you'd like to work directly with us, CLICK HERE NOW.

Hi Kevin, great to see you again ... hope business is treating you well? Great to be on the same page :)

Kevin Cron
Kevin Cron

Wow, good stuff! Hey Alex awesome post..thanks so much for sharing Kevin :)


Great to see you both again ; ) yeah ... I just felt like a little rant today. Hope business is treating you both good!

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