4,825,720 things Sophia Grace and Rosie Rap Can Teach You About Internet Marketing | Training Day #3

by Alex

Do you know who Sophia Grace and Rosie Rap are? And if you do, have you got any idea what they have to do with Internet Marketing?

I’m going to share a secret with you that is so “HUSH HUSH” that very few internet marketers ever want you to find out about it. And I promise you, if you pay attention and run with this secret, you will make so much money!

Sophia Grace and Rosie Rap know the secret. Watch this video and see if you can work it out.

“Sophia Grace and Rosie going to the top!”

So what do these two little girls know that most internet marketers have no clue about?

Sophia Grace and Rosie Rap know how to ENTERTAIN!

And that right there is the top secret component that’s missing from so many internet marketing presentations. They’re so boring! And no-one wants to tune in to something that’s boring! Yes, people are looking for information, for “how-to” tips, but they also desperately want to be entertained. So why not entertain whilst you teach?

So, how do you present your business opportunity, and not be boring?sophia grace and rosie rap

Do I think you should do a rap video like Sophia Grace and Rosie Rap? No! But how about the next time you put a presentation together you try and incorporate 20% information and 80% entertainment. People will eat you up and click ‘like’ and ‘share’ faster than green grass through a goose!

Here are some ideas …

Go to Alexa.com and find what’s trending and blog about it. We know some people that are getting 30-50 leads a day doing just that!

Go on YouTube and find some inspirational and motivational material. Copy and paste into a blog and send it out on your Facebook page or Twitter. People will LOVE you for it.

How sick and tired are you seeing everyone spam their biz op everywhere? It’s painful and we don’t click on that stuff. But we do click on motivational and inspirational stuff. Why? Because we NEED it right now more than ever before!

Things are pretty grim out there right now and sometimes it’s hard to keep on plugging away. We can lose our motivation and our spirit and sometimes we just need one really good 4 minute YouTube video to set us on the right path again. Find that stuff and share it!

Check this link for a few more great ways to find really good stuff to blog about.

Once people are hooked on your motivational, inspirational and entertaining content, they’re going to like and love you and eventually get on your list. Then just email them daily and build on the relationship that you already have with them.

If you want to truly harness what Sophia Grace and Rosie Rap have, you’ve got to find your inner rock star! Be entertaining in your own way and you’ll create a community of people who can’t wait to open your emails and see what you’re doing next.

I promise you, entertaining stuff will outperform SEO every day of the week!

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Anytime! These girls know how to entertain!

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