Solo Ads That Work – Your Strategy For Success

by Alex

Solo Ads are by far the most direct way of targeting your niche market. So how do you create Solo Ads that work? Great question …

solo ads that work

The internet is a vast pool of potential leads for your product or service, but the problem is you have to work out the most effective way of getting your message in front of them.

If you can work out how to be in front of your prospects in as many places as possible, you’ll be set for life.

You have two methods available to you:

1) You can create valuable content over and over again, maximizing your SEO skills and build a list slowly over time.

The only problem with this is, it can be a very slow process. The good news is, your valuable content is out there for the world to see forever and will keep working for you year after year.

2) You can use paid traffic strategies.

And this is where you need to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. The benefit of paid traffic strategies is that it gets you fast results. The down-side of paid traffic strategies is that you have to spend a bit of money perfecting this method.

Find the right mentors however, and you can shorten your learning curve and minimize your losses.


Follow These Steps To Create Solo Ads That Work

Step 1: Track ALL of Your Marketing Efforts.

If you’re not tracking, don’t bother marketing. It’s as simple as that. Your prospects are hanging out all over the internet and you need to work out where they are and find them.

You can use Hypertracker which starts out at $19.95/month.

Step 2: Find The Best Newsletters

Google  the following:

network marketing + newsletters

network marketing + solo ads

home business + newsletter

home business + solo ads

work from home + newsletter

work from home + solo ads

work from home moms etc etc …

Take a look at the newsletters you find and decide if they look professional and weed out anything with a hard sell. You should be left with about 50 newsletters.

Set up a Gmail account and opt-in to all these newsletters you would like to subscribe to.

Read them, evaluate the content, and notice how many ads are placed there already. Weed out the ones you don’t like and you should have about 25 left.

Step 3 – Contact The Publishers

Send an email to the publishers complimenting them on the quality and content of their newsletters, let them know you are a very happy subscriber and really enjoyed a certain post and that you might have an offer that would be a good fit for their subscribers.

Find out if someone has advertised your type of offer before and how successful it was. If it wasn’t too hot, then don’t advertise there.

Side note: The best day to advertise is the first Monday of the month.

Step 4 – Create Your Solo Ad

Here’s the Formula to Creating Solo Ads That Work.

SUBJECT LINE: How to Earn/Get XYZ Results in XYZ Time

BODY: If you’re sick and tired of PROBLEM, PROBLEM, PROBLEM , then this will be the most important website you will ever see.




The only point of solo ads is to pull out as many leads as possible, create massive amounts of curiosity and get people to hit your link.

Step 5 – Send Your Solo Ad to Multiple Newsletters

Send the exact same solo ad to multiple newsletters and track your results.

Naturally if it doesn’t perform well somewhere, don’t advertise there again OR let the publisher know your results and ask for a discount to publish there again.

If it did go well, get back with the publisher and ask for a deal for long term advertising.

In Conclusion

This is a numbers game and you need to have a strong constitution to play. You have to be prepared to lose money in order to make money. But if you never get in the game you’re never going to experience the riches you deserve.


solo ads that work

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