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How To Do PPC – What’s in a Keyword Anyway?

by Alex

So, you want to be the new PPC Cowboy In Town and you’re ready to go in with guns a blazing. Don’t know what PPC is? Then you definitely need to read this. PPC is Pay-Per-Click and if you get it wrong can wipe you out financially.

When it comes to PPC advertising there are a few basic things you need to know before you hit the Internet.

Google Adwords Account

The first thing you’re going to need in your saddlebag is a Google Account for Adwords.

Google Adwords is an advanced marketing strategy specifically designed to focus with laser beam accuracy on your target audience, by identifying specific KEYWORDS.

I recommend spending a few hours in the Google Adwords Learning Center and getting a feel for the new territory you’re entering into. PPC advertising can be very cut-throat. But with a proper preparation you can go in with a fighting chance.

Perry Marshall’s “Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords”

The next thing you’ll need is Perry Marshall.PPCPPC

Considered the “Wizard of Adwords” you’d be mad to go into battle without him flanking you.

He is without a doubt the leading authority figure on PPC advertising and your success in this arena is doubtful without his specific knowledge. Click on the book and BUY IT NOW!!!

Wordtracker – Keyword Strategy

And lastly you’ll need a smart way to work out your keyword strategy for PPC advertising.

So, you need to ask 3 questions:

1)   What is it you want to advertise?

2)   Who do you think your target audience is? And

3)   What words do you think they might enter into a Google search to find you?

Keywords will make or break your PPC campaign. You can go BROKE if you are not able to identify your target market and the keywords they use to find you. For more help on finding the right keywords, read Keyword Research – 4 Secrets To Conquering Online Obscurity.

Wordtracker will give you many variations on the keyword/s you want to dominate.

It costs around $69/month or more cost effective is $369/year.

You can use it for a few months until you’ve built up a list of keywords and then cancel your subscription if you like, but I would strongly recommend it in the beginning.

What you invest in Wordtracker is nothing compared to the potential losses you could accrue by getting this part of PPC wrong

Creating an PPC Campaign

So now that you’ve done your homework and you have an arsenal of keywords at your disposal, I recommend looking at other PPC ads in your genre.

This will give you an idea of what’s already out there on the Internet and a clue as to what direction you want to take.

Get creative with your headline and your description.

Preferably use your keyword in your heading to get maximum attention fast and be original with your description. Remember, you want to stand out from the rest.

How Much Do You Need To Pay for PPC?

Your budget is entirely up to you, but to get any type of decent traffic you’d need to look at around $25/day per campaign.

When considering your maximum CPC (Cost-Per-Click) you need to set it between $0.50c and $0.90c and set CPC Content at around $0.80c.

Study the variables and work out the best strategy for you.

 How To Avoid The “Google Slap!”

Be relevant in your PPC campaign!

By having your major keyword in your heading, Google will see this as relevant.

If Google does not see your ad as relevant it will charge you MORE Per Click and this is known as the “Google Slap!”

PPC Summary

You’re going into battle! You’re battling for domination of your keyword. Only fools go into battle unprepared.

Do not underestimate your competition. They will have no mercy on you. It’s a jungle out there and only the fittest will survive.

Follow these basic steps and commit to learning as much as you possibly can about PPC advertising.

Now go out there and dominate.

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