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Outsourcing – The Only Jobs You Should Be Doing If You Want To Create A SIX FIGURE INCOME

by Alex

Outsourcing sounds a bit extravagant doesn’t it?

But when you consider how much more productive you’d be by outsourcing mundane jobs, you’ll see that at some point you must consider outsourcing if you want to make Guru 6 or 7 figure incomes.

If you want to make serious money with your online business, then the only jobs you should be doing are the ones that make money.

At the moment you might be a one-man band and your day might look a little like this.

5:00am – Search subconscious mind for inspiration for today’s blog

6:00am – Research material for today’s blog

7:00am – Write blog

8:30am – Re-write blog

9:00am – Post blog

9:15am – Build links for blog

9:30am – Prepare article submission for blog

10:30am – Blog done, respond to emails

11:30am – Still distracted by emails

12:00pm – Subconscious mind yells, “Stop being distracted by emails!”


12:20pm – Create new email offer to list.

2:00pm – Beep! Event Alarm – 90min “Miss This And You’re CRAZY!!!” Webinar

3:30pm – More emails!

4:00pm – Update Social Media

6:00pm – Did someone say dinner?

outsourcingBy the end of the day you’re a frazzled wreck!

When you first get started with your online business you have to pay your dues. It’s just the nature of the beast.

Everything falls on your head – creating content, list building, list management, marketing, sales, website management, traffic, client management, system building, accounting, legal and compliance … and the list goes on.

Didn’t you get into your online business so you could be your own boss, dictate your own hours, sip lattes at Starbucks all day and make money while you sleep?

Instead you’re chained to your computer putting in 12-16 hour days.

You know if you stick with it the rewards will be there.

The Gurus make it look so easy don’t they? And do you know HOW they make it so easy?

They don’t do all the work! They’re outsourcing!

They only concentrate on IPA’s (Income Producing Activities). They have a TEAM that does the rest!outsourcing

Now I know what you’re thinking … that’s going to cost you money.

And in the beginning this may not be practical.

But as time goes by, the only way you can take your online business to greater levels of success is to start outsourcing.

So, how do you work out which jobs YOU do and which jobs you start outsourcing?

It’s pretty simple really.

As you’re doing the task, ask yourself, ‘Will this job make me money?’

I’ll give you an example. It’s 10:30am. You’re feeling pretty proud of yourself. You’ve got your daily blog posted and now it’s time to look at your emails. Wow! Only 105 new emails for me today!

If you only took a minute to look at each one that’s nearly two hours wasted. Did you create any wealth in those two hours? Probably not.

I’ll give you another perfect example. You want to post a new page to your website that includes a fancy new Opt-In box. Looks simple enough to do. Just follow the tutorial right?

You soon discover your tutorial does not match up with the version of software you’re using! But you’re determined to get this done.

Five hours later you’ve opened every “How To” video on YouTube and finally hallelujah!!! You’ve got your Opt-In box.

You’re elated and exhausted. Your brain is about to explode and the last thing you feel like being right now is being a creative marketing genius.

This is something that in the future you are going to want to start outsourcing.

So, what jobs do you keep and what jobs are perfect for outsourcing?

outsourcingYou ARE your online business.

Your uniqueness is what makes people want to deal with you. So you’re going to be responsible for a lot of your CONTENT – writing articles, creating ebooks, writing blogs, creating products etc.

What is your most valuable asset? Your LIST.

So you will be responsible for growing your list, managing your list, emailing your list, creating offers for your lists. This is your baby. Nurture it, love it and it will produce results.

SALES! Copywriting is at the heart of your success. Get good at copy and the rest will fall into place. We’re talking sales letters, order pages, affiliate recruitment and advertising in all its myriad forms.

The rest you can leave to outsourcing.

You need to build a team that takes care of all the mundane tasks that do not directly generate an income. Like managing your website, SEO, link building, graphic design, software development, email management, and all matters relating to finance. Probably all the things you don’t enjoy doing anyway!

This will free you up to do what you set out to do in the first place – MAKE MONEY!

So, where do you go?

This is a personal choice and will take due diligence on your part.

Popular choices include,,,

Also a popular avenue to explore is sourcing Virtual Assistants from the Philippines or India. Due to the low costs of living you can very affordably get tasks done that may cost 3x as much in more developed countries.

Again, do your due diligence. Check testimonials. Great work is coming out of these countries and many big names have been going down this path for a long time.

Lastly, invest in your online marketing education. That’s what we did when we started way back in Oct 2011 … we invested in our online marketing education. And a great deal of what we learned and applied came from this very product … the Costa Rica Intensive.

Costa Rica Intensive

When we started learning about outsourcing, that was the game changer for us. We became  instantly more productive because we were no longer doing the jobs we didn’t know how to do and didn’t want to do. And let’s face it … at the end of the day, we all want an online business that works for us whilst we’re at the beach right?

This is how you achieve that – OUTSOURCE.

To Get Your Hands on the Costa Rica Intensive CLICK THIS LINK, Go into your Back Office and ACTIVATE.

You can be learning the Real Tricks of the Six Figure Earners within a few clicks of your mouse.

That’s how we did it & YOU Can Too!

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By the way, if you’re a blogger and you’re looking for ideas on what to blog about, check out this post “My Dog Ate My Blog” for inspiration.

* Income Disclaimer: Just because we created a SIX FIGURE INCOME by going through all the products and applying the information we found in the products, does not mean to say that we are guaranteeing you will create the same income. You could create more, you could create less and you could create nothing at all. Results are dependent on your work ethic and level of dedication to learning new skills and applying an entrepreneurial mindset to the task of building a home based business.

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