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Organo Gold | Is It Really Worth The Buzz?

by Alex

It may be relatively new to the network marketing industry, but Organo Gold is generating buzz by it’s distributors who are making waves of profits.

It was reported that in it’s first year of operation (in 2008), Organo Gold had 31 distributors or “rings” who earned over $100,000—in fact, many of them had hit the $250k-$300k mark. This is a remarkable result for a start-up MLM business opportunity.

Many industry experts have commented on what makes Organo Gold stand out not just as an MLM business opportunity, but as a network marketing company. For one, it’s possible to earn a full income with only retail sales of their products, which is extremely rare in the MLM industry. Most such companies encourage distributors to focus more on introducing others to the business (or sponsoring them), with retailing being a secondary purpose.

In the case of Organo Gold, it’s health and wellness products have inspired massive reorder demand from both its distributors and customers, with the leadership proudly endorsing reps to focus heavily on retailing rather than just recruiting. With this simple reality Organo Gold has created a paradigm shift within the MLM industry.organo gold

Organo Gold’s range of health and wellness products use the Ganoderma Lucidum herb extract —an organic derived from a mushroom found to have been used in China for thousands of years to promote healing and health. Only emperors or members of the nobility had access to it and it was often considered more precious than gold.

Also known as Reishi or Ling Zhi this mushroom is one of the most important traditional Chinese medicines used to prevent many diseases, specifically viral infections. Ganoderma is also believed to boost the immune system, prevent and fight tumors, protect and detoxify the liver, prevent and cure heart disease, slow the aging process, reduce insomnia, treat diabetes, treat chronic bronchitis and asthma.

Ganoderma is also believed to carry anti-aging, weight loss, and even cancer- and HIV-fighting properties.

So what does this all have to do with Organo Gold?

organo goldOrgano Gold took Ganoderma and added it to the world’s most popular and recession-proof beverage – Coffee.

What’s all the buzz about then? Unlike your regular cup of java, Organo Gold have made it alkaline – not acidic like all other brews. This is a huge marketing coup for Organo Gold.

Organo Gold Compensation Plan

To add to their delectable range of products, is the company’s compensation plan.

There are three levels of entry: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, all of which have corresponding performance bonuses. When you join Organo Gold, they also offer extensive marketing materials, webinars, conferences and other training options so you can extensively study the products, the company, and the business.

However, to give you an edge you need to understand the secrets of Attraction Marketing. With any MLM business opportunity there is always going to be a steep learning curve. Having a great MLM business opportunity to promote is exciting, but without understanding the fundamentals of Attraction Marketing you’re in for a hard slog.

If you want to learn how to literally have people knocking down your door, with their credit card in their hands ready to join your MLM business opportunity you need to get this concept. It’s basically the handbook of every successful network marketing distributor out there.

You know all those guys raving about making 5, 6, & 7 figure incomes? They all started with Attraction Marketing. By understanding the secrets of Attraction Marketing you can learn how to take your MLM business opportunity to a whole other level by learning how to brand YOU, not your company. Leading with your business and your products upfront is what the amateurs do. The sucessful people in this business lead with themselves first.

Understand this and we’ll be reading about YOUR success very soon.

In Conclusion

Organo Gold have produced great results in just a few short years.

They have become a company to watch and learn from within the network marketing industry. They have a product line that creates its own demand, a good compensation plan, great training and a comprehensive marketing strategy.

If you’re new to the network marketing industry Organo Gold is a great MLM business opportunity.

But again, learn how to brand YOU first, not your company.

organo gold review

P.S. If you decide Organo Gold is for you, you are going to need to find a way to attract massive amounts of people to you. And if the idea of cold calling leads, doing home meetings and annoying your friends and family doesn’t sound too appealing then do yourself a favor and consider getting you and your business opportunity online.

Don’t know how to do that?

It’s super simple.

Get a blog.


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Hi Diane, I've only heard the BEST things about Organo Gold. My wife is a huge coffee drinker which makes me think we should be buying it ourselves. If you get in let us know ... send us some samples : ) Alex


Great review. This will definately help me in deciding if I will join Organo Gold.


Hi Cas, thank you. It could go nicely hand in hand with Skinny Body Care. I give a big thumbs up to anything that promotes healthy living. Thanks for stopping by! Alex


great post Organo Gold sounds interesting will be checking it out.

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