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Melaleuca Company Review – Clean And Green

by Alex

Melaleuca just celebrated it’s first $1BILLION in annual sales! Wow! That speaks volumes right there.

I’ve just gone through a whole lot of posts on “Is Melaleuca a Scam?”

Allow me to rant for a minute if you will. It never ceases to amaze me how some people can be so terrified of actually going after their dreams that they will bash something that could release them from the shackles of a full time job before they’ve even tried it.

I always try and keep an open mind and go in with my eyes wide open. I remember when I was first approached with my MLM business opportunity. In the back of my mind I was saying, ‘Is this for real?’ And then I was saying, ‘What if it is …?’ 

So when you’re being approached by someone who has an MLM business opportunity to present to you, suspend all disbelief and just go with the process. Make your mind up at the end of the presentation – not the beginning. This could be the presentation that changes your life forever!

So, getting back on track.

Is Melaleuca a scam? No way. Actually I think it’s quite brilliant. In my mind, anything that promotes a cleaner, healthier, more natural environment has my vote.

If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you know that I am not in any way affiliated with Melaleuca. So let’s get to it.

What the heck IS Melaleuca?melaleuca company review

Melaleuca is actually a plant originally from Australia, known for it’s soothing and cleansing properties. There are 200 species within this plant family with the most well known one being Tea Tree.

There are numerous reviews about Melaleuca all over the internet. Network marketers here and there are raging about the 25-year old direct sales company. But what exactly endears Melaleuca to the public? Is it the company leadership? The wide-ranging products? Or is it the structure of the pay plan? Let’s find out!

About Melaleuca

Melaleuca Incorporated was conceived in 1985 and was founded by Frank VanderSloot with a vision of helping people improve their health. He also envisioned the company being an instrument for these people to attain financial freedom.

The company’s headquarters is in Idaho, USA. Currently, it operates in 15 countries around the world. And since it started, it has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands distributors and customers globally.

Needless to say, Melaleuca has successfully lived up to its mission. Through the years, it has generated more than 800 million dollars in yearly sales, making the company one of the largest businesses in the Unites States.

The Melaleuca Product Line

is melaleuca a scamAs a wellness company, Melaleuca promotes and markets health and wellness products. Its wide-range product line is primarily made from oil produced by the Melaleuca Tree. This tea tree oil is proven to have beneficial medicinal properties, such as anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-septic as well as cosmetic.

The company’s product line constantly receives raving reviews from happy customers. It ranges from personal and skin care products, to household cleaning products, to pet products, and even vitamin and food supplements.

These products are scientifically tested and proven to hold the highest standards of safety, health, and wellness. They are much safer and more concentrated than any other regular product that you can buy from the department store.

Many have testified on the efficacy and beauty of the products. Why not? Not only do the products contain natural and sustainable ingredients, they’re also environmentally friendly and free from harmful chemicals.

Click here to see the product range for yourself.

About The Melaleuca Compensation Plan

There are various ways to get paid in Melaleuca. Once you join, you can either become a preferred customer – someone who buys the products in wholesale prices – or a consultant, who builds their business with Melaleuca.

In addition, there are four major levels of advancement that you have to go through to reach the top – the director, senior director, executive director, and corporate director. All of which have 9 steps in between to advance.

Melaleuca membership only requires a low entry fee. But the potential to earn income is quite healthy. You can make money by selling the products directly to consumers. This method can make for an immediate income. But if you’re looking long term income, combining retail sales with downline building is the best possible way to do so.

Of course, building a strong and solid organization will give you a clear shot of creating a reliable source of financial wealth as well as help you achieve long-term goals. And just like in any other business, it will take hard work, consistency, and right attitude to successfully take your business off the ground.

Is Melaleuca The Right MLM Business Opportunity For You?

At the heart of any decision you make about freeing yourself from the shackles of a job you detest, or about gaining greater financial security in retirement or about simply wanting to have more time with your family and watch your kids grow up, you need to make sure that the MLM Business Opportunity you choose is in line with your core values. Ask yourself if this is a company you can stand behind 100%, because if it’s not, then you’ve just traded one shackle for another. Find a company with a product line you love.

Click this link to learn “How To Choose The Right MLM Business Opportunity For You”.

Good luck with your chosen MLM business opportunity. Whether it’s Melaleuca or any other MLM business opportunity we’re here to help you market your business the right way.

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