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Mary Kay Review | Let’s Talk About Mary Kay Inc.

by Alex

Mary Kay Review: By Erica

As a woman I get very excited when I see an MLM business opportunity that empowers women to strike out and be independent.

Mary Kay herself is the original diva when it comes to the concept of the empowered woman. Slighted back in the 1960’s when she was passed over for a promotion that was given to a male trainee who had half her experience but now made double her salary, she decided to take the horse by the reins and do it her way.

She started Mary Kay Inc. in 1963 along with her son as Executive Chairman selling a range of cosmetics and skin care products. As a private company not all financial records are made public, however it is known that in 2007 Mary Kay Inc. worldwide sales topped 2.4 billion. Way to go!

Currently Mary Kay has over 1.8 million distributors operating in over 30 countries world-wide.

If you’re wondering if Mary Kay might be right for you then please do read on. There are many aspects to look at when choosing an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business opportunity, which is what Mary Kay is, so here are some key aspects to zero in on.

Mary Kay Product Range

mary kay

Mary Kay Products

Mary Kay carries a variety of cosmetics.  They have a skin care and makeup line.  They also carry both men’s and women’s fragrances.  The products are manufactured and packaged at Mary Kay’s own facilities in the U.S. and China.

Most people who have tried Mary Kay love the products!  Many of the products are sold separately or in bundles or kits as well for the convenience of the customers. Samples are available for customers to try to make sure they like the color, feel or smell of the product before they purchase it.

Starter Kit

A Starter Kit with Mary Kay is $100 plus tax and shipping and handling.  You receive everything you need to get off to a solid business start.  You’ll receive enough samples and products to share with 30 friends at parties when you start.  You’ll also receive brochures and catalogs as well as training and educational materials, including how-to guides.  You’ll be ready to get your business up and running in no time.

There are always additional specials running such as the opportunity to earn free products, business cards and other business materials.  Make sure to ask your Mary Kay representative what the current specials are.

Methods of Selling Mary Kay

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Mary Kay Parties

There are a variety of ways that you can sell your Mary Kay products to your customers.

Online – You can sell directly to your customers online through a Mary Kay Personalized Web Site

On the Go – You can sell On the Go through the quarterly customer catalog The Look.  You can deliver it to your customers or have it mailed directly to them.  They can then call you with their order or place the order on your website.

One on One – You can deliver personalized one on one service to your customers through makeovers and skin care consultations.

Parties – You can sell to many at once through a home party.  Gather several friends together and bring the skin care aisle and makeup counter to their home!  It’s a great way for them to have some fun while learning new makeup techniques.


You can earn up to 50% commission on your sales!  Mary Kay has one of the highest compensation rates in the industry.  Do the math…and set your goals.

Leadership Opportunity

A great way to add to your compensation is to become a leader.  There are leadership opportunities within the Mary Kay organization.  Each step of the way your upline leader will help you set your goals for your next level of leadership, and help you attain those goals.  Remember, there is room for EVERYONE to become a leader in Mary Kay.  There are over 39,000 Sales Directors around the world and over 600 National Sales Directors.  You could be next.

Charitable Causes

mary kay

Mary Kay Foundation

Mary Kay supports several charitable causes on an ongoing basis.  They include efforts to decrease domestic violence, Habitat for Humanity, efforts to encourage going green, efforts to fight cancer as well as donating to the relief efforts for natural disasters that have struck various parts of the world.

The Mary Kay Foundation – a legacy of love – is dedicated to ending women’s cancers and domestic abuse worldwide.

DSA Affiliation

Mary Kay is a member of the Direct Selling Association.  The DSA holds its members to a strict code of ethics within the direct selling community.

In Conclusion

Mary Kay is a viable business with an amazing and solid foundation.

I’d highly recommend Mary Kay to anyone who wants to partner with a company that has strong training in place and knows how to have fun doing what they enjoy.

As with any MLM business opportunity you have to decide how far you want to go with this. Is this just going to be a fun side project where you can make money from home, or do you want to go all the way and build a solid business that can support you and your family for life?

If you want to build a massive downline then you’ll want to find a way to reach the masses. And this is where MLM marketing comes into play. I’m not too sure how much you know about MLM marketing online but it can be a massive learning curve.

We have helped many people who are just starting out with an MLM business opportunity shave that learning curve and see fast results by learning how to use systems that consistently produce results.

So if you’re looking for a way to explode your business by reaching the masses and attracting a never-ending supply of leads just click this link. We find more leads for our primary business here, than anywhere else. You could call it our secret source.


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