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How To Use Market Samurai For Keyword Research

by Alex

Understand how to use Market Samurai for keyword research and you’ll quickly see your content hitting the first page of the search engines. 

Have you ever been intimidated by keyword research? Well fear no more as this internet marketing tool takes all the guess work away. If you learn how to use Market Samurai for keyword research you will DOMINATE in the search engines.

Market Samurai has been proclaimed as the most popular keyword research tool among internet marketers. It offers a total solution to finding low competition, high traffic keywords.

So Why Is Keyword Research Important?

It allows you to post on purpose. There’s no point posting any material on the internet if no-one can find you! If you’re a network marketer, affiliate marketer or small business owner looking to dominate in your niche, the only way for your target market to find you online, is to get yourself to the top of the search engines.

By understanding how to use Market Samurai for keyword research you’ll be able to identify specific keywords that will get you a ton of traffic but most importantly don’t have a lot of competition. The less competition the easier it will be for you to rank. This is the difference between making a little money online and making huge profits … all from the same marketing efforts.

So How Can Market Samurai Help You?

How To Use Market Samurai For Keyword Research
Market Samurai has a number of modules that help you uncover prime keywords.

The Keyword Research Module

This module will help you find additional keywords that are related to your preferred keyword or will help you find a keyword phrase you want to rank for.  It will perform a complete analysis based on the amount of traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) competition, AdWords value and other statistics.

By executing your keyword research through Market Samurai you can then determine the best keywords to target, without guessing.

The SEO Competition Module

This module for me is one of the most important as it filters the top ten urls ranking for your preferred keyword and shows you what SEO factors are attributing to their ranks. It will provide data about how old the domain is, it’s Page rank, the number of back links it has and whether or not the website has the target keyword in the urls, the header, within the title, and/or the description.

The table is easy to read as it is color coded which helps you to determine if you can break into the top 10 rankings.

Color codes are RED cells for DIFFICULT, ORANGE for AVERAGE, and GREEN for GO!

When you see a whole lot of green cells lighting up the board it means you have a pretty good chance of ranking for this keyword. If you see a table full of red cells, it’s an indication that it will be very difficult to rank for that keyword.

I’ll give you an example. The other day I wanted to write a post about how to make Google love you. I powered up Market Samurai and it produced some keywords and keyword phrases I never would have thought about. The one that got my attention most was “Pimp My Google”. So just for fun, I incorporated “Pimp My Google” into my post. We landed on Page 1 of Google.


how to use market samurai for keyword research


Now this may not seem like a big deal being that it may appear to be quite a random keyword phrase. However, when I check our site analytics, this is the highest searched phrase on our site! Weird huh? Market Samurai knew the value in this keyword phrase, I did not. So let me reassure you that it’s highly worth learning how to use Market Samurai for keyword research and is so much easier than less labor intensive than the new Google Keyword Planner.

The Rank Tracker Module

Another key module within Market Samurai is the Rank Tracker. This tool helps you visualize where your site ranks for each of your keywords over time. Simply add in your domain, keyword or keyword phrase and select the search engines you want to check and Market Samurai will analyze where your domain ranks for each keyword listed. It’s powerful stuff!

How To Use Market Samurai For Keyword Research Live Example

I created a quick training tutorial for our team on how to use Market Samurai for keyword research and you’ll see exactly how easy it is to use this tool.

In Conclusion

Without precise keyword research in the internet marketing field, you’re as good as dead in the water. The competition out there is fierce and you need to be fully armed to make your way to the top of the rankings. By spending a few minutes every day doing your keyword research you will dramatically increase your chances on success online.

Market Samurai is an absolute MUST if you seriously want to make money online. This tool is easy to use and makes keyword research a breeze. They have easy to understand tutorials and really reinforce the basics, PLUS their support is AAAAMAZING! And that’s always a huge plus for me.

So get in now, don’t delay.

You need Market Samurai to get you to the top.


how to use Market Samurai For keyword research

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Hi Michele, It's like posting in the dark and hoping you hit something right? How anyone can live without it as a keyword research tool is beyond me! Thanks for stopping by, Alex


Great post, how can it not be I Market Samurai is a GREAT keyword tool. I would be lost with out it.


Thanks Dean. Yeah, I don't know how I ever lived without it! I look back on some of my first posts and I'm thinking, "What was I thinking???" But it's all good. Even Mike Dillard says he cringes when he thinks back on his first 60 posts. You've gotta start somewhere. So glad I was introduced to Market Samurai when I was. No-one who is serious about carving a niche on the internet should be without it! See you next time : ) Alex

Dean Ethridge
Dean Ethridge

Nice job on this post ! Great content as always from the pros over at Tribe Pro. I always learn something new from your blog and I love Market Samurai as well. Thanks for sharing! Dean

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