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by Alex

iPAS 2  launched in September 2014 and was the most anticipated launch for the home based business arena.

With over $500,000 invested into testing and development and over $15,000,000 paid out to affiliates, iPAS 2 was without question an overnight success.

So … why are they changing it?

The short answer is to make it better and to put more money into iPAS 2 affiliate’s pockets.

If you didn’t jump onboard in September of 2014 you wouldn’t be familiar with how the system operated. And to be totally frank with you, Phase 1 testing did reveal areas where the overall system could be improved.

So what’s NEW with iPAS 2?

For starters iPAS 2 has a new front end funnel incorporating higher commissions PLUS coaches at the iPAS 2 Pro Level. I’ll be discussing that further on in the post.

What’s most exciting for new iPAS 2 members is that there’s more opportunity to make more money on the front-end on all sales (Diagram 1), without having to wait for the back-end Profit Maximizers to kick in (Diagram 3).


NEW iPAS 2 Front End Diagram 1


For every iPAS 2 Basic sale you’ll be making $20/month residual income ($25/month residual income if you’re a Black Card member).

When your prospect upgrades to the new iPAS 2 Pro level, you’ll be making $40/month residual income ($50/month residual income if you’re a Black Card member.

And one of the most exciting new enhancements to iPAS 2 is the commission structure on the 6 Figure Shortcuts. Initial Phase 1 testing showed that the pricing structure on the 6 Figure Shortcuts was too low, so pricing has been increased from $97 to $197 with a one-time commission of $80 going straight into your pocket ($100 if you’re a Black Card member.)


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The iPAS 2 Product Range


NEW iPAS 2 Products Diagram 2

iPAS 2 Basic Membership includes the system.

iPAS 2 Pro Membership includes coaches for your new members giving them a clear and strategic plan to get them to their desired income levels. You can consider your coaches to be someone you’ve employed for $97/month which breaks down to around $3/day. That’s a great deal! Remember too that coaches were previously only available to those who upgraded all the way to the highest level within iPAS which was Black Membership.

iPas 2 Six Figure Shortcuts is their premier online training product where 6-Figure earners share their strategies for creating their 6-Figure incomes.


iPAS 2 NEW - 6 Figure Shortcuts 6-Figure Shortcuts Training


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So where’s the BIG MONEY made?

So glad you asked 🙂

The purpose of iPAS 2 on the front end is to give affiliates “small wins” and extra cash in their pockets to invest into marketing and traffic.

The big money as we all know is always made on the back-end … other-wise known as Profit Maximizers. When the owners of iPAS 2 were looking for products to market on the back-end they scaled the industry looking at everything that was on offer and based on industry performance and the size of the commissions being paid to affiliates, they had no choice but to go with Empower Network.

If you’re not familiar with Empower Network, they launched back in October 2011 and have gone on to break every industry record turning over a whopping $150 MILLION in their first 3 years.

They are primarily a “for-profit” blogging platform and just recently released 3 cutting edge new products specifically designed to support all Network Marketers in building their businesses.

Top Producer Formula

Without a doubt their flagship product for Network Marketers is the Top Producer Formula which literally takes people through the exact step-by-step process to recruit an army of reps into any business.


So let’s take a look at the Profit Maximizers.


NEW iPAS 2 EN Product Range Diagram 3.


iPAS 2 Silver Level includes:

iPAS 2 Gold Level includes:

  • $25 Viral Blogging Platform (pays 70% residual income commissions monthly)
  • $100 Inner Circle Mastermind (pays 70% residual income commissions monthly)
  • $500 Top Producer Formula (pays 70% one-time commission)
  • $1,000 Team Building Formula (pays 70% one-time commission)
  • $19.95 (non-commissionable affiliate fee)

iPAS 3 Black Level includes:

  • $25 Viral Blogging Platform (pays 70% residual income commissions monthly)
  • $100 Inner Circle Mastermind (pays 70% residual income commissions monthly)
  • $500 Top Producer Formula (pays 70% one-time commission)
  • $1,000 Team Building Formula (pays 70% one-time commission)
  • $3,500 Mass Influence Formula (pays 70% one-time commission)
  • $19.95 (non-commissionable affiliate fee)
  • Custom iPAS 2 Branding
  • Private iPAS 2 Traffic Club
  • Private Black Card Member Only Parties
  • Elite Black Metal Card shipped to your door


As you can see, being an iPAS 2 Black Card Member does have it’s privileges and if you’re looking for the big returns you’d be looking at upgrading to the highest level as soon as you possibly can.


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iPAS 2 Testimonials

An iPAS 2 Review would not be complete without some testimonials so let’s take a quick look at some of the things that happened after the launch of iPAS 2.


iPAS Earnings - Dec 13, 2014

We personally had our best week ever making $15,890.


iPAS Testimonial - Tai

Tai made his first online sale in TWO YEARS!!!


Testimonial 5

Corbin started hitting the Leaderboards!


Testimonial 3

Della made her first “All In” sale!

Real people getting real results.

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So In Conclusion …

What you get with iPAS 2 is a real digital franchise system, complete with traffic masters who know how to drive traffic to your business, with access to professionally trained coaches who excel at building your Internet business for you. Many online marketers have already seen the power of this system, some making money online for the very first time.

The real beauty of iPAS 2 is that it allows you to get leads quickly and effortlessly and turn them into customers in an automated fashion.


“iPAS 2 ‘almost’ franchises an Internet business!” ~ Chris Jones

So if you’ve ever tried to set up a business online, and didn’t have much success, I encourage you to check out iPAS 2. The fact that newbies had so much success with the initial launch is why we put our names behind iPAS. It works and it works for everyone who stays obedient to the system.

What was great has just become so much better.


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We’ll see you on the other side!


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