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internet marketing toolsYou don’t get to increase your web traffic by 400% in one month on just sheer talent alone, it takes some nifty internet marketing tools to get those results.

If you’re seeing people out there making it look easy, believe me, they have a whole tool box of internet marketing tools supporting them.

It takes internet marketing tools to make this stuff look easy.

And if you’re absolutely new to the world of Network Marketing and Internet Marketing then these are some internet marketing tools I recommend you look into immediately to increase your skills, your traffic and your bank balance. So here are the internet marketing tools I can’t live without.


hostgator If you’re setting up your own domain I highly recommend HostGator above all others. Their support is by far what makes them shine above all the rest. They have a live chat feature where you can literally chat to someone live and they’ll walk through all the hurdles with you. Also, in my opinion they’re the best option for incorporating WordPress. They have a feature called Fantastico which enables you to upload WordPress effortlessly. If you’re new, this will be a walk in the park for you.

Market Samurai

Try Market Samurai For Free!

Now that you’ve got your domain, you’re going to need some internet marketing tools to optimize the profitability of your blog. 

It takes just as long to build a non-profitable site as it does a profitable site. Assuming you’re building a site to make money online, one of the greatest internet marketing tools to get you there fast is Market Samurai.

With this tool you’ll learn how to identify and target niche markets, uncover “gold-nugget” keywords and get front page rankings in the Search Engines in weeks or days, rather than months or years! Never, ever, ever post a blog without doing your keyword research. Post on purpose. The only reason you’re posting anything online is to get noticed and the only way you can get noticed is to rank on the first page of the Search Engines. Market Samurai will get you there!


seopressor So now that you’ve done your keyword research, you’re ready to start blogging. Unfortunately, simply knowing which keywords to use isn’t enough. You need to know HOW to use them and this is where SEOPressor comes in. Some of us will never have the time or the patience to learn SEO. However having SEOPressor is like having an SEO expert by your side, coaching you all the way. SEOPressor will intelligently optimize your blogs so that you rank high on the Search Engines therefore attracting FREE organic traffic instantly. SEOPressor analyses headings, keyword density, content length, placement of keywords, images, links, fonts and styles. Once you’ve tried this internet marketing tool you’ll never want to be without it!



Now that you’ve got your keyword rich, fully optimized blogs published you now need to get that content out there in as many places as you can as fast as you can.

By far one of the most effective internet marketing tools ever for content syndication is TribePro.

TribePro is a genius platform designed to get your site massive exposure FAST by leveraging your time.

TribePro is a group of like-minded people committed to spreading YOUR blog posts, videos, content and site to their already built social networks. It’s phenominal.

With the click of a finger your blog post can be shared over 5,000 times! Now that’s leverage!


Get Response AutoResponder

Get Response This is one of the most important internet marketing tools you’ll ever invest in. You’re getting traffic and leads! What do you do with them? You build your list. You’ve heard this a hundred times before I’m sure, “The Money Is In The List.” Build your list, create a strong, loyal following and keep adding value.

The only way you can effectively keep in touch with your list is with an AutoResponder.

By far the most “Internet Marketer Friendly” AutoResponder out there is Get Response. It’s inexpensive and they have a ton of tutorials to teach you how to use it best.

Thesis WordPress Theme

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

If you like the way our blog looks, you might want to take a look at Thesis WordPress theme. What goes on behind the scenes is powerful.

Thesis has a remarkably efficient HTML + CSS + PHP framework and easy-to-use controls that you can use to fine-tune each and every page of your site with tactical precision. Worried about SEO? You don’t have to with Thesis. Just write brilliant content and the bells and whistles incorporated into Thesis will do the rest.



If you’re brand new to network marketing here are some tools that you CANNOT do without.

Magnetic Sponsoring

attraction marketing

Magnetic Sponsoring is the difference between you taking a month to understand how the game is played to taking two years – that’s if you’ve managed to hang in there that long.

Once I got my hands on this golden handbook, nothing was ever the same again.

I promise you, if you invest in NOTHING ELSE – INVEST IN MAGNETIC SPONSORING. It’s the Holy Grail of knowledge when it comes to succeeding in network marketing.

You’ll save yourself so much pain if you simply understand what Magnetic Sponsoring and Attraction Marketing is all about.

Black Belt Recruiting

black belt recruiting

I can’t speak highly enough about Black Belt Recruiting.

I have the CD’s in my car and I listen to them over and over again. Eventually the recruiting “patter” becomes so natural you think these geniuses are actually inside your head. Just brilliant.

You’ll learn so many tips and tricks to recruiting that will truly have a massive impact on your recruiting skills.

It’s the only training you’ll ever need to invest in on the subject. I guarantee it.

The Copywriters Guild

the copywriters guild

When you’re ready to ramp up your copywriting skills the final internet marketing tool I would recommend to you is the Copywriters Guild.

One of the things that network marketers dread the most is recruiting and if there was a magic way to never pick up the phone they would use it.

That’s what the Copywriter’s Guild is all about. You’ll learn all about the magical ways your words can have prospects coming to you, wallets in hand, ready to invest in you and your opportunity.

Recommended Reading


internet marketing toolsinternet marketing tools

 When someone who just made over $600,000 in ONE MONTH using what he learned from this book tells you to buy the bookyou buy the book.

And now I understand how he did what he did. By understanding the principles in this book your income earning potential is unlimited.


Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind

internet marketing toolsinternet marketing tools

Believe it or not, but some people are simply programmed to be poor because of the way they think.

Imagine then how it would be, to be programmed to be rich. That’s what you’ll get when you invest in this book. You’ll turn the pages so fast because every page reveals why 97% of the world is destined to be poor because of their broke mindset.

And yet the beauty of it all is this … you can go from a broke mindset to a millionaire mindset by employing a few very simple strategies. Pure brilliance on every page!


The 4-Hour Workweek

internet marketing toolsinternet marketing tools

This is a MUST-READ for anyone sick and tired of the 9-5 grind, looking towards the next 40 years with gut wrenching disgust!

If you are serious about breaking out … this book will give you the skills and confidence to do it.

It will change your life!!!


The Ultimate Sales Letter

internet marketing toolsinternet marketing toolsDan Kennedy is the King of Copywriting. If you want to learn from the best, this is where you start.

In today’s market place you need every tool you can get your hands on to push yourself to the top.

Great copywriting skills are indispensable to selling.


Hypnotic Writing

internet marketing toolsinternet marketing toolsWhen it comes to persuasive writing, no one does it quite like Joe Vitale.

He’s a legend in the industry and magic springs forth from every page.


Think and Grow Rich

internet marketing tools

This book needs no introduction at all. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

Every great leader in this industry knows “Think and Grow Rich” inside out.

It’s every network marketers Bible.


Crush It!

internet marketing toolsinternet marketing tools

Gary Vaynerchuck will have you leaping off the couch to cash in on your passion.

His enthusiasm is contagious!

Very up to date information on how to get you, and your unique message out there to the masses.

This should be compulsory reading for anyone with a heart beat who know’s what their unique message is.


Awaken The Giant Within

internet marketing toolsinternet marketing tools

No offense … but this one is a no-brainer.

Anyone wanting to master their destiny and design a life of pure abundance needs to read this masterpiece.internet marketing tools


Your First Year In Network Marketing

internet marketing toolsinternet marketing toolsI am so glad we read this book when we first got in to this industry.

We understand why 97% of the people who enter this industry quit. It’s because of the lies fed to the desperate masses about how “easy” this is. Just get 5, who get 5 who get 5. What rubbish!!! It’s about building a business from the ground up, one person at a time. This is a people business, and if you want to learn from one of the greatest Network Marketers of all time, you can’t do better than Mark Yarnell.

I did a Review on Mark Yarnell when we first started in Network Marketing.He has a strategy for earning $100K/year … it’s quite remarkable.


The BIG Book of NLP Techniques

internet marketing toolsinternet marketing toolsThis is a little advanced, but it’s the stuff that Tony Robbins and many great leaders use to persuade their audience to change behavior. If you choose to purchase this book, use your new powers for good, not evil. Once you learn the secrets to hypnotic language you will have a great deal of power in your finger tips. Let your conscience be your guide.


So there you have it, my secret or not-so-secret stash of internet marketing tools.

If you have any questions regarding any of these tools just shoot me an email at:

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