How To Get Traffic To Your Blog | Training Day #2

by Alex

If you’re still breaking out in panic attacks trying to unlock the secrets of how to get traffic to your blog, today’s post will reveal some magic.

Just to quickly recap, in Training Day #1 we showed you how you can make $15/month with any MLM company.

Today we’ll show you how to get traffic to your blog.

Before we start however, watch this video. Because if you’re anything like I was 3 months ago, you need to watch this now.

OK, now that we have our resolve in check let’s get to it.

The puzzle of how to get traffic to your blog is really not that complicated.

get traffic to your blog

We need to build bridges to your island

Your blog is an exquisite island in the middle of the ocean. It’s a paradise of hidden gems just awaiting discovery. You know how extraordinary your island is, now you just have to build bridges to it so other people can discover it too.

So how do you build bridges and get traffic to your blog?

Easy … you create links that act like bridges.

The bridges you build to get traffic to your blog are links from articles, from YouTube videos, from pictures, from social media. But you must create authoritative links. And an authoritative link is determined by how many links are linking in to THAT link.

Sites like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo! are all authoritative sites.

But one of the most powerful ways you can get massive traffic to your blog is to be blogging from a platform that is a massively successful authority site already. It takes time to build an authority site. Some of us don’t have time. We need it now.

And that’s where the Empower Network comes in.

If you’ve already got a website, that’s fine. You can use Empower Network to link to your site. That’s a powerful authoritative link right there. But if you don’t have a website and you’re starting from scratch, you need Empower Network.

For just $25/month, you get to blog from an authority domain that has an Alexa ranking of 401 with 14,736 sites linking in. That’s massive power to get traffic to your blog right there.

traffic to your blog

Alexa Ranking Feb 10, 2012

I want your struggle and your pain to be over now. You want massive traffic to your blog … the Empower Network will deliver.

Join our team now and I’ll make sure that you experience what it’s like to get massive traffic to your blog. I’ll share with you how we increased our traffic 400% in just one month.

And click this link right now and I’ll give you, for FREE, a blueprint for monetizing Facebook.

Still wanting more secrets on how to get traffic to your blog? Then you want to go here now.

Join our team today. We’ll get you to where you want to be. How do I know? Because we’ll never quit on you.


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