How To Escape The Newbie Zone In Empower Network (When You Have No Empower Network Results)

by Alex

Empower Network Results – But What If I Don’t Have Any?

I was chatting with a team member today and they were presented me with the age old question: “How do I present this opportunity to people when I don’t have any Empower Network results yet?”

This particular team member is being told,

“I’ll join you when I see you having success.”

Can anyone relate???

The first thing you need to be aware of is that EVERYONE starts at the beginning. All of those guru’s that you see up on stage … they all started at square one.

They all had to go through the “grind.”

So what is the easiest thing to do when you are new?

Promote the success of someone else who is relatively new.

As you know we are huge advocates of Empower Network as a vehicle to create a residual income as an affiliate … and I know you all like to see proof so here’s our Empower Network results from last week.

* Our results are not average … but there we’re not average and neither is any budding entrepreneur. CLICK HERE to see average earnings.

empower network results

But when you’re brand new, you may not have Empower Network results like this in the first week … so what do you do?

Again, promote the Empower Network results of someone who is relatively new, and has had success.

Personally I think Steve’s story is a great one to share because he didn’t get his first sign up for 90 days.


But his first sign up went “All In” up to $4,625.


What this means is … because we get paid 100% commissions, $4,625 went straight into Steve’s pocket. There are some people in the network marketing industry who’ll never make that much in a YEAR, let alone 90 days!

And yet this is what can happen in this business.

The reason this is such a great story is because it PROVES that if you just follow Empower Network’s 8 Core Commitments it is IMPOSSIBLE not to be successful in this business. Just impossible.

The people who are not seeing any success are the ones who are not blogging daily, not marketing daily, are not “All In”, are not listening to audio’s daily, are not reading daily, are not going to events, not marketing daily and not jumping on the Monday night call.

These people are the ones blaming the system, saying it doesn’t work.

No, the system’s fine … it’s the people who don’t follow the steps that aren’t working.

So Steve is a great example of someone who threw themselves 100% into the 8 Core Commitments … even when it got uncomfortable at times he still did it!

So you can share stories like these with your potential team members.

Here’s another thing you can do to impress your potential team member.


Promote your last success …

and promote it BIG.

Do you know that there a lot of network marketers who have never made $100 a month in their business?

The minute you get your first Inner Circle sign up – BLAST THAT EVERYWHERE!

You’ve created a residual income of $100 per month!!!

There will always be people who are resistant to anything new … maybe they are too comfortable being uncomfortable. Let them be … they will come to you when they are ready.

But for those people who you KNOW are itching for an opportunity like this, go in hard, go in proud and know that you are doing them a FAVOR by presenting this opportunity with them.

And the minute they say something like, “I’ll get in when you prove it works” just tell them to look around at all the thousands of average people making money online for the first time ever!

And remember, this is a business … not a hobby.

If you present this as a business, not a get rich quick scheme, then people will see the big picture.

Tell them the truth, that …

YES, you’re going to have to work hard
YES, you’re going to have to learn new skills
YES, you’re going to get frustrated and overwhelmed, and
YES … if you do everything I tell you to do YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL AT THIS!

Why do I tell people this when they’re looking to join under us?

Because I only want to work with people who are serious about this. I don’t have time to waste with people who are going to whinge and whine at every corner because “It’s Too Hard!”

When students go to Medical School to become a surgeon do you think they would go crying to the teacher, “It’s too hard!”

No, if they really want to be a surgeon they’ll do whatever it takes.

And it’s that type of attitude that needs to be adopted here too.

So, I hope this helps you in combatting this question.

Just remember, you have an incredible opportunity to share. Don’t be selfish with your opportunity. You have no idea whose life you may change by sharing your opportunity with others.


What do YOU say to people when they say,

“I’ll get in when I see your results?”

I posted this question in my Facebook group and I got some pretty good responses.

empower network results

empower network results

 So there you have it … two great ways to escape the newbie zone.

What answers do you give when someone says to YOU,

“I’ll join you when I see you having success.”

And by the way, if you’re still sitting on the fence trying to work out whose team to join, here are some more of our Empower Network Results.

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empower network results

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