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How To Earn $100K Per Month | Mark Yarnell Reveals His Simple 5-Step Strategy

by Alex

Mark Yarnell is one of the greatest MLM leaders of all time.

He’s been in the business since Adam was a boy and has made more money than most small developing countries. In fact by last count he makes around ONE MILLION DOLLARS EVERY 17 HOURS.

Mark Yarnell co-authored one of the best books ever written about the MLM industry called “Your First Year In Network Marketing”. If you’re in the MLM industry or thinking about joining an MLM business opportunity you must read this book.mark yarnellmark yarnell

It’ll be the one book that keeps you sane I guarantee it. Click on the book and BUY IT NOW! Seriously, I’m not joking.

I came across a 90 minute interview he gave and I know that a lot of you don’t have 90 minutes to down-tools and listen to it, so I’m going to give you an overview here. It’s pretty simple. As far as MLM leaders go, Mark Yarnell breaks it down “old-school” and shows that if you seriously want to learn how to earn $100k per month these steps will get you there. Guaranteed.

So let’s get started.

1) The Core Value

mark yarnellYou must be 100% aligned with the MLM business opportunity you’re in. I say this over and over again in my MLM company reviews, if you can find an MLM business opportunity that you can love with all your heart and soul, GO FOR IT! But if you’re only in it for the money, forget about it!

In this day and age of fear and uncertainty about our financial welfare, people’s BS radar is on high alert. If you’re just in it for the money you’ll be as pungent as Jacob’s werewolf scent is to Edward’s delicate vampire nostrils.

Mark Yarnell asks, “Would you bring your Mama into this MLM business opportunity? If you don’t believe in what you’re doing you won’t make it. Core values must match the MLM business opportunity you’re in.”

2) The Billion Dollar Blueprint

Apparently this is taught at Harvard and comes down to basic economics.

Mark Yarnell states that before you commit to an MLM business opportunity you must consider 3 key questions:

  • How big is your market sector?
  • How many people use your product?
  • How competitive is it?

This is the billion dollar blueprint in a nutshell. Follow where the masses go and you’ll find your opportunity.

3) Commit To Two Hours A Day Of Professional Relationship Building

Mark Yarnell puts it like this:mark yarnell

“You’re only paid to do two things in network marketing … and that’s RECRUIT and RETAIL … amateurs don’t get paid and professionals do.”

If you want to play in the Big Leagues and earn $100k per month then you need to allocate a minimum of two hours per day to speak with your prospects.

Yes, the internet is great for reaching a broad mass of people. But people are still people and they crave real, authentic, human interraction. How would you feel if one of your favorite MLM leaders actually picked up the phone and called YOU? Would you feel special? Of course you would. You’d be doing the ‘happy chair dance’ all day long.

And something else Mark Yarnell said really rang home for me. He said; “You’re not paid to drag losers over the finish line, listen to whingers and surf the net looking at new opportunities. You’re only paid when you recruit and retail!”

4) Decide WHEN You Want To Be Successful

In 1 Year – Talk to 30 people a day for 20 days of the month

In 2 Years – Talk to 20 people a day for 20 days of the month

In 3 Years – Talk to 10 people a day for 20 days of the month

If you’re planning on 4 years, then forget about it! You’ll never make it because you don’t have the drive.

If you want to know how to earn $100k per month it’s right here in this simple formula.

30 people a day = 600 a month = 7,200 a year.

It’s just a numbers game. You’ll sign up 12 front lines per year and earn $100k per month.

There has never been a better time in the history of network marketing to prosper. People out there are DESPERATE to gain back their financial independence, freedom and security. And YOU can help them do that.

5) Know The 10 Land Mines That Might Blow Up Your Business

mark yarnellI’ll be brutally honest with you here. Network marketing is hard work.

But so is working 40-80 hours a week at a job you hate, for bosses you don’t like for the rest of your life. In that sense it actually makes network marketing look easy. You work your own hours, you get to meet new people every day and you answer only to yourself.

Mark Yarnell has come up with 10 land mines that have the potential to de-rail your success with your MLM business opportunity.

Forewarned is forearmed.

The Comparison Bomb

Don’t look at other deals! Focus! Focus! Focus!

History shows that the network marketers who stick with their MLM business opportunity and don’t keep jumping from one biz-op to another are the ones who go on to earn $100k per month.

Repeat after me, “I will not compare my MLM business opportunity to any other.”

The Multiple Income Stream Bomb

Focus! Focus! Focus!

Mark Yarnell puts forward that there may be tools you can use to build your business and that’s OK. But if you think you can build more than one MLM business opportunity at a time you’re kidding yourself.

Stick to your knitting as my father would say. In other words, stick with your primary MLM business opportunity and focus on it.

The Multi-Tasking Bomb

Focus! Focus! Focus!

Are you seeing a theme developing here?

Mark Yarnell reinforces that you must stop multi-tasking because you can’t ‘multi-focus’.

The Banker Bomb

Mark Yarnell and many others have fallen victim to The Banker Bomb. You find a potential prospect and they are so hot to join and make bold statements about how successful they’re going to be in your team, and then ask you to help them out financially to join. This should be a huge RED flag. For some reason when you pay for someone else to join they never make it work. It’s too easy. But when it’s their own money on the line it’s a different story.

The Product Expert Bomb

Believe it or not, you don’t need to be an expert on your product or your compensation plan. Don’t get caught up in all the technical mumbo jumbo. Know the basics. Remember, your prospects need to see your MLM business opportunity as duplicable. So keep it simple.

The Friends and Family Bomb

You are not by any means entitled to exploit your family and friends with your MLM business opportunity. They’ll get involved when you start making money. Save your friends and family till later in the game.

Mark Yarnell tells a story of how he used to be in the aviation industry. He would call up pilots and ask if they were still flying and then say, “That’s great. I’ve found a way for pilots to make $50k/month and still fly five days a week – would you be interested?”

Ray Higdon, another one of today’s great MLM leaders says it this way; “Would you be open to a side project if it did not interfere with what you’re doing?”

The Networking Bomb

Mark Yarnell says; “Forget these meetings. They only want to get you into their business.”

This is true to an extent by I do differ slightly on this point. As you know I am a huge fan of the Empower Network. I wrote a post on How To Market The Empower Network Offline and it shows how to make networking meetings work for you.

The Dabble Bomb

Don’t waste your time on a time waster. This is the only industry Mark Yarnell knows of where you can earn $100k per month and people will still try and work out how to get that income without working! He says to just let these people go.

The Dump Bomb

In the early days as a newbie with my primary opportunity I was so green. I would meet someone who I thought would be PERFECT for my business and I would throw all the candy in the foyer in one go. I never could understand why they weren’t as fascinated with all of that information as I was.

As Mark Yarnell puts it; “Do not dump the whole farm on them in the first five minutes. Expose them to information that will get them excited.”

And when I think back to how I was introduced to my primary opportunity, it was sheer curiosity that kept me hooked. I wanted to know how I could turn $1,000 into $5,000 and how I could turn $3,500 into $20,000 doing something I loved. And the rest is history.

The Short Cut Bomb

There are no short cuts! It’s hard work but it’s worth it. Mark Yarnell says if you put in two hours a day talking to your prospects for twenty days a month, YOU WILL EARN $100K PER MONTH.

And there you have it! If you really want to know the secret on how to earn $100k per month it’s all right here. And let’s be real for a minute here. There are no secrets! We all know this stuff. Truly we do. We just need to put it all into practise!

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Has anyone actually, consistently done this method?

10-20-30 people a day, avoided the mines, and stayed focused?

If so, what have your results been?

This is my strategy for next 12 months and beyond.


Hi Nicole, We're involved in a Top Tier MLM company. I'll shoot the details to you in a private email. As for ViSalus I'm sure you've read my ViSalus Company Review. I know a lot of people who are losing a lot of weight and making a lot of money so if that ticks your boxes go for it. I found this YouTube link that will give you an idea of the ingredients. As with all my reviews I state that any business opportunity you choose MUST be aligned with your core values. You have to LOVE what you do and stand behind it 100%. Do all the due diligence that you can, and if you feel that ViSalus resonates with your core values go for it! As for the pyramid scheme tag, you're going to hear this everywhere you go in the MLM world. As long as the MLM company has a product that people want, and the company would stand by selling the product alone, it's not a pyramid scheme. My best response to that is; "Everything in life is a pyramid. From your government, to your work place even your home is a pyramid. There's someone at the top and there's a lot of people underneath supporting the structure." As long as there's a product and it's legal, it's not a scam and it's not a pyramid scheme. And when it comes to promoting your chosen MLM opportunity online we have a tried and tested way to get you started very easily - actually we can have you up and running in a day with your own viral blogging platform, complete with high converting sales pages and capture pages, PLUS extensive training for just $25. I hope this helps you on your journey and I'll chat to you with more details via email. Alex


Hi Alex, I would like to know which business it is that you got involved with. I was curious about working with ViSalus in the 90 Day Challenge but a few things turned me off: 1) the person who was trying to recruit me wouldnt give me enough information or answers to my questions, she left it very open and vague and when I mentioned the phrase "pyramid scheme" and questioned how one would avoid this label, her only answer was "every business is a pyramid scheme." 2) I dont want to harass my family and friends (Id prefer them to come to me if they saw I was profitable) but I dont know how else you would go about trying to recruit people. The online aspect seems more appealing to me but Im not sure how thats done. 3) I absolutely want to believe in the product Im promoting. I already work in the health care field and I would want to associate a product that would promote my position and name and not tarnish it. I cant seem to find information on the exact ingredients used in ViSalus products. I need to know exactly what Im asking people to put in their bodies. Thanks for your time Nicole


Steve and Vicky - you're always welcome : ) Hope you have an extraordinary day!


Hi Guillaume, thrilled to know you got some value out of it! Good luck with your ventures.

guillaume parra
guillaume parra

Great post, Alex!Keep the value coming. Appreciate you sharing this one. Guillaume

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