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Google Experts Reveal How To “Pimp My Google!”

by Alex

If you want to reduce your bounce rate (how quickly somone leaves your landing page) take heed of the following steps recommended by the Google Experts. Ignore them at your peril.

The number one thing that Google loves is a site that provides relevant, original, fresh content to it’s readers. If you fail to deliver, then Google will fail to deliver traffic to you. It’s that simple. So what do the Google Experts recommend you take heed of? Let’s take a look.

1. Don’t Throw All Your Candy In The Foyer

To begin with, narrow the focus of your content to a specific keyword or keyword phrase. If you try to rank for too many keywords it’s like throwing all your candy in the foyer. Google doesn’t know where to go in the lolly scramble first. The Google Experts recommend that you be specific with your keyword or phrase so that readers who land on your page will STAY on your page because your content is laser focussed to their search criteria.

google experts2.  Speak Your Reader’s Language

Your readers speak their own specifically coded language. If you don’t know it, you can never speak to them. You must do your keyword research so that you understand the language your readers are using to find you. You may think you know the right words, but you could be sadly mistaken.

For a more in-depth report on keyword research, read “Keyword Research – 4 Secrets To Conquering Online Obscurity”.

3. How To Use Your Keywords Correctly

The Google Experts all agree that knowing your keywords is only half the equation to getting Google to fall in love with your site. Now you need to use them all correctly. So where and how do you use them?

Put your keywords in:

  • Your Headline (H1 text)
  • Your Subheadings (H2 & H3 text)
  • ALT tag of your image
  • Your first sentence
  • If possible, your last sentence
  • As naturally as possible

Your keywords have to appear naturally. If they don’t then you’re just setting yourself up to be viewed as a spammer.

Ideally once you’ve found the keyword or phrase you want to rank for, work out how you can incorporate it naturally into your sentences. If your keywords are inappropriately used or overused, your readers will just stop reading and bounce!

4. Google Loves Bullet Points

Once again, the Google Experts all agree that creating bullet points will score highly with Google. It breaks up the text and is easy for the eye to find relevant information. Try and get your keyword or phrase in the first few words of each bullet point if possible.

5. Be Original – Don’t Copygoogle experts

Now before you throw your arms up in despair hear me out. With all the content out there it’s very hard to write about something that hasn’t been written before. However, it is possible to put your unique spin on all content that has gone before you. The Google Experts suggest you read other people’s blogs, learn from other people’s blogs and then re-interpret that information from your unique perspective. Google will love you for it and so will your readers. I would love to see Quentin Tarantino write a blog on “Pimp My Google!” It would be hysterical!

6. Spread The Love With Links

The Google Experts are unanimous when it comes to links. You must create internal links from blog post to blog post and you must create external links that adds value for your readers. If you put in all the ground work and find relevant data that provides extra value to your readers, Google will reward you immeasurably.

And don’t get lazy. Keep an eye on all your posts and make sure all the links are working. There is nothing more frustrating to a reader than to click on a broken link. You lose credibility immediately not only with your readers but with Google as well. Remember, Google is trying to provide the highest level of search engine results to it’s users. If you fail to deliver, Google will not send traffic your way.

7. Blog Daily

The Google Experts differ slightly on this point. If it’s too much of a grind to blog daily, then at least blog regularly. And definitely go for quality over quantity. If you know you can’t pump out high value, original content daily, then don’t do it. Only put your best work out there. It takes about 3 months to build an authority site if you’re publishing content daily. It might just take a little longer for Google to fall in love with you if you blog less often. However, the Tortoise did beat the Hare so don’t despair.

google experts8. Get Sociable

Again the Google Experts all concur, social media comes up trumps for Google. Become visible on social media sites, post your valuable content on social media sites and make it easy for others to share your content on social media sites. Download the Get Sociable plugin and install it immediately if you have not already done so.

9. Don’t Be Too Shy To Ask For Love

If you’ve put in a massive amount of effort to create an original, fresh, value added piece of content, it’s OK to ask your readers to spread the love by clicking on your sociable buttons or to leave you a comment. Keep in minds the laws of reciprocity. If someone comments on your blog, be kind enough to go to their blog and do the same. Google loves social interaction and when it sees you all bonding it gets a sense of the value that is being shared. The more love the better your Google rankings.

And that’s about it in a nutshell. Bookmark this post so that you can always keep this list handy and if you enjoyed “Google Experts Reveal How To Pimp My Google!” then please do remember to click ‘like’ or leave a comment below.


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