Facebook Lead Generation | How To Get FREE Qualified Leads On Facebook

by Alex

lead generationFacebook Lead Generation is so easy when you understand that there are real people out there, in real pain, looking for real solutions. If you can find a genuine way to reach them, and find a solution to the pain they are in, you will create FREE leads every day.

So let’s break it down … here are 4 super simple ways to get FREE qualified leads on Facebook.

Facebook Lead Generation Strategy 1 – Get Socially Smart!

So many people don’t understand the true genius of Facebook. They think it’s just a place to hang out and share cool stuff. But by being just a little bit savvy you can get leads simply by looking at who’s commenting on your friend’s status updates.

If you see someone leaving thoughtful comments, go to their site and do the same for them. Include their name so that they get notified and chances are you’ll strike up an excellent FB friendship.

I can’t tell you how many connections we’ve made this way that have resulted in someone joining our team.

Facebook Lead Generation Strategy 2 – Be Group Smart!

Spamming your links all over Facebook groups without adding any value is not going to get you very far.

Consider your own reaction when you come across someone spamming their links everywhere. You get to know a few of them pretty quickly. Do you click on their links? Rarely I’ll bet.

So what does catch your attention?

For me personally, I will always stop on anything that inspires me … I crave inspiration. This is a tough industry we’re in … so if someone has taken the time to share something inspirational, I’ll stop and share it myself.

Understand the purpose and needs of the group you’re in and you’ll stand out head and shoulders above the rest. People will take notice of you and will seek you out.

Some Facebook groups are specifically designed to support each other by helping to share each others content. But remember, you must reciprocate. If someone takes the time to “like” and “comment” on your content, do the right thing and reciprocate. Share the love!

To find relevant groups to join simply go to the Search Box and enter “Network Marketing” or “MLM” … you’ll find plenty of groups to join.

Facebook Lead Generation Strategy 3 – Be Fan Page Smart!

This is where you get to hang out with like-minded individuals. Search for the big names in the industry, go to their Fan Pages and once again, look for people who are leaving thoughtful comments. As mentioned before, go to their site and do the same for them.

People who are actively leaving intelligent comments on high quality posts are fully engaged in the business model. These are your FREE qualified leads!

Facebook Lead Generation Strategy 4 – Be Friend Request Smart!

If you’re serious about using Facebook for lead generation, then make sure you start adding people who have very few mutual friends.

There’s a good chance this person is rather new to the industry and may very much appreciate a guiding hand.

Be that guiding hand. Understand their needs, their pain and find a way to solve it.

I hope you enjoyed this post on Facebook Lead Generation.

Please take a few moments to share your thoughts.

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Etieno Etuk
Etieno Etuk

Awesome post, Alex. You're absolutely right. Take the time to leave something of value whenever you join a group. It doesn't pay to spam your links all over the place. I've heard that if you do that, after a while Facebook may block you from posting your links and that's not good for your business. Lead with value and you'll attract a lot of people to you. Thanks for sharing!


Hey Marika, some people will never get it though will they? That's what I love about the way you market. You always lead with value first! Thanks for stopping by!

Marika Miettinen
Marika Miettinen

This is a great post about Facebook lead generation. I so agree that the spamming of links does nothing but harms your reputation. These tips will give anyone a flying start with generating leads on facebook:)

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