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by Alex

Empower Network success stories are becoming a thing of legend.

the 4 minute mile

Do you remember the story of how up until 1954, running a 4 minute mile was considered physically impossible and dangerous to one’s health?

For over a thousand years many an athlete had eyed the prize of breaking the 4 minute barrier. Legend has it that in some cases raging bulls were set loose behind runners incentivizing them to run faster. But still they couldn’t crack it.

Up until the 1940’s the record stood at 4:01.

Many began to concede that the human body indeed could not be pushed to such a limit.

That was up until 1954, when a young Englishman by the name of Roger Bannister finally achieved the impossible, coming in at 3:59.4. 

The world was stunned that it had actually been done! A human had broken the 4 minute mile, something that up until this very moment seemed impossible.

What’s more interesting however, is that just a few weeks later, a young Aussie by the name of John Landy broke his record, coming in at 3.57.9!

By the end of 1958, 19 more runners had broken the 4 minute mile.

So, what had happened???

Well, all it took was one man with a vision to convince everyone else that it WAS possible.

Roger Bannister visualized every single day that he would break the 4 minute mile. He could see himself crossing the finish line in under 4 minutes. Then he simply went about doing what he intended to do.

He set an intention.

He worked out his game plan.

And he took massive action to achieve his outcome.

Now, bringing you back to the present day, just over two years ago, it would have been considered impossible for a little start-up direct sales company, to have a vision that they could create a system that would see people manifesting MILLION dollar incomes WITHIN TWO YEARS!

And yet that’s exactly what has happened.

And it’s happening like the legend of the 4 minute mile.

empower network success stories

Back in July 2013, Empower Network announced their first 5 x Million Dollar Earners* awarding each a stunning Empower Network Millionaire’s Ring! 

Everyone was astounded!!! How on earth had this tiny little company achieved SO MUCH, SO FAST???


Then towards the end of 2013, another affiliate cracked a Million Dollars* in Earnings.


And then in January 2014, TWO more Million Dollar Earners* popped in the same month!


THEN, in February we had TWO MORE Million Dollar Earners* pop in TWO DAYS!!!

This is CRAAAAAZEEEEE!!! It’s as if the flood gates of possibility have opened and everyone’s like …

OK … I can do that!

And they’re doing it!

But here’s where it gets really exciting for YOU, ESPECIALLY if you’ve been in Network Marketing before.

How many people would you have to recruit in a traditional MLM or Network Marketing deal to make a Million dollars?




One of these Million Dollar Earners* cracked it with LESS than 1,000 personally sponsored members!!!


You read that right!

LESS that 1,000 members!!!

So, what gives??? What makes this model so different???

Empower Network just released a BRAND NEW VIDEO that explains everything!!! You’ll actually see our written and video testimony in the company sales video when you CLICK HERE NOW.

Empower Network Success Stories

Now please keep one thing in mind when you’re watching this video.

It was cut early February 2014, BEFORE the last two Million Dollar Earners* cracked it. And by the time you’re reading this post, who knows how many more we’ll have.

In fact, David Wood has gone so far as to say that he sees a day very soon where Empower Network will be creating ONE HUNDRED x Million Dollars Earners EVERY YEAR!!! Empower Network success stories on a MASSIVE scale will soon be a dime a dozen.

Funny thing is, all of his predictions have come true so far.

As you watch this video I want you to IMAGINE What’s Possible for YOU, if you simply Believe that You Too can crack YOUR 4 Minute Mile.

Dare to dream a big dream.

There are thousands of Empower Network success stories already being told … let’s get to work on telling YOURS!

~ Alex & Erica Udeanu

empower network success stories

P.S. We’re looking for passionate budding entrepreneurs to run with us in 2014.

If that’s YOU …

… We want to hear from YOU.

* Results vary and are dependent on an individual’s work ethic. Click Here to see average earnings.

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