Empower Network San Diego Update | Kris Darty Endorses Team AlexandErica

by Alex

One month before the Empower Network San Diego Event, Web Traffic Expert Kris Darty Endorses Team AlexandErica as “Awesome.”

Empower Network San Diego

If you’re still not onboard with Empower Network you need to check this out.

Empower Network has become the FASTEST GROWING, most PROFITABLE Internet business model for entrepreneur’s looking to Make Money Online.

According to a recent study, more than 60% of Americans are looking for ways to make additional income since the Great Recession of 2008, and thanks to the official launch of the Empower Network 100& commission-based affiliate marketing program, people nationwide and across the globe can earn extra income while eliminating the technical aspects and information overload aspect of marketing online.

I was amongst the 1,250 people from all over the world who attended the “Don’t Be A Wussy 2012” event by Empower Network founder’s David Wood and David Sharpe.

I saw with my own eyes the “Commission Countdown” that showed over 90-95% of the room had made their first sale or were making money promoting this affiliate program. This is unheard of in this industry. See for yourself …


After the Empower Network Atlanta event, Team AlexandErica exploded. Empower Network was the ‘game-changer.’ Finally here was a simple ‘plug-n-play’ system that ordinary people could get into and finally make money online. And there was PROOF!!!

Team AlexandErica are sharing the Empower Network vision and inspiring online entrepreneurs to set themselves free of old school marketing by showing them a new way to leverage the power of the internet.

The next event, Empower Network San Diego “Fight the Forces of Evil” 21-23 September is expected to draw over 5,000 attendees. This is where Empower Network will hit maximum stride.

You want to be a part of this … you really do.

Empower Network so far has paid out over $11,000,000 to their affiliates over the past ten months!

What makes the Empower Network so different from an SEO perspective is that it operates on an authority site with a six-year-old domain, has an Alexa ranking of 613 (at time of posting) and a US Rank of 193.

Empower Network San Diego

Google loves content and astronomical amounts of valuable content are being added daily. The viral blogging platform is literally plug-n-play. Anyone with hardly any technical skills can be set up within minutes and start making money. It takes away the complete sense of overwhelm that many internet marketers go through when they start to set up their own blog. We know! We’ve been there!

Empower Network members receive 100% commissions on all products they own.

This includes a phenomenal library of the latest, cutting edge internet marketing training around today. Unlike other programs available, the Empower Network training is not filled with hype and empty promises. Empower Network teaches what’s working today, not what worked five years ago! And it has proven to be one the highest converting products on the market today.

Empower Network has caught the attention of Internet Marketing Guru’s such as Daegan Smith, Aaron Rashkin, Chris Campbell, Simon Stepsys and recently Jonathan Budd added some of the Empower Network training to his latest product launch.

One major standout in the Empower Network community is Lawrence Tam. After finally leaving his job as an Engineer he has gone on to make over $200,000 with Empower Network and Team AlexandErica will be joining forces with him at the Empower Network San Diego Event. Go here now to see what we’ve got cooking with Lawrence Tam. 

So why should you join Team AlexandErica?

Because we actually give a rat’s ass about your success – that’s why!

Team AlexandErica are hooking up with the biggest names in Empower Network to give our team the biggest chance of success. You want to be part of a team where it’s leaders are accessible, motivated and hungry for YOUR success. That’s why You Should Join Team AlexandErica.

Check out what others have to say … Joy Heartwell signed up three people in three days!


Empower Network San Diego

Bram Scharf signed up two people within days of joining Team AlexandErica.


Empower Network San Diego

Steve Kallock started getting leads within two weeks of joining Team AlexandErica, just from blogging! He’s fast turning into an SEO expert from the training provided in Team AlexandErica.


Empower Network San Diego

People who aren’t even directly in Team AlexandErica have powerful things to say about our leadership.


Empower Network San Diego


And finally, we have a motto here at

Team AlexandErica …

“no-one gets left behind!”


Empower Network San Diego

Empower Network San Diego is just around the corner.

JOIN one of the most dynamic teams in the industry and hit the ground running!

When you join Team AlexandErica you’ll receive a

TON of FREE bonuses that will get you up and running, FAST!!!

You Get All Of This …


Empower Network San Diego

 So Get Started Today …

don’t hesitate one more minute …

You Can Do This!


empower network

Oh, and there’s just one more thing you need to see…


… there’s a competition going on right now and at the time of this snap shot, out of 40,000 members we’re placed at #50.

No, we’re not in position 1 but I’d say we’re doing OK…

Empower Network San  Diego


Join Us …

We’d love to see YOU at the Empower Network San Diego “Fight the Forces of Evil” Event!



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