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Empower Network Review – We Made $625 in the first week!

by Alex

We recently joined Empower Network and what a great choice it was! We can’t believe we’re getting paid so much, so fast! We have to tell you, we were amazed at what Empower Network has to offer!

We sent out 2 emails when we joined and


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We couldn’t believe it!

So we’re writing this post to share why we joined Empower Network and why you might consider it too.

First and foremost, the most powerful part of Empower Network is that they pay out 100% commissions.

Other affiliate opportunities offer between 35% and 75% and you have to look really hard to find the ones paying out in the higher bracket.

Empower Network is so powerful and popular, we didn’t have to look long and hard to find it. It’s all over the Internet.

And the most incredible thing is, the minute someone decides to join, you get paid instantly. You don’t have to wait 6-10 weeks to see the fruits of your labor.

What’s so powerful about Empower Network and this is especially attractive to those new to marketing online, is that it is so easy to get started. The founders, David Wood and David Sharpe designed it so that your Grandma could get online instantly and start blogging!

With Empower Network you get a fully functional plug and play wordpress blog that is hosted on an authority site that is ranking off the hook with Alexa!

It already has a lead capture page, and a sales funnel that converts like crazy!

Which means, “YOU GET PAID!”

Empower Network

Empower Network is designed for you to succeed on all kinds of levels.

The system training products available to purchase and resell.

You make 70-100% commission on all those products!

One thing to keep in mind, you MUST own the products in order to make the commission.  Which ethically makes sense doesn’t it?

So you must be asking, “How does the company make any money if they’re giving away 70-100% commissions?” We were skeptical about that at first too.

But here’s the key difference between the founders of Empower Network compared to other affiliate companies. They’ve been down in the trenches. They know what it’s like to have dreams unfulfilled by the promises made in this industry.

They’ve seen so many good people quit because they couldn’t make it work. They couldn’t duplicate the X Factor that they had.

So they designed a system that enables everyone to make money online, instantly!

The discovered an industry loophole that allows everyone to get paid 100% commissions – not by the company – but by the people they sponsor directly.

And this is the really cool part. The founders are members themselves, so they’re getting paid exactly the same way their members are. By sponsoring people!

This is the only affiliate program we know of, where members have the opportunity to make more than the owners!

So how does it all work specifically?

Well, we’re not going to bog you down in all the details … but here’s a very quick summary.

When people sign up in your Empower Network team you keep sales 2, 4, 6. Sales 1, 3, and 5 go to your sponsor and every 5th one after that.

At first we felt a little bummed by that but then we realized that we would be on the receiving end of that too!

What this does is keep your sponsor engaged in your progress! If you don’t make any money, your sponsor doesn’t make any money. With other affiliate programs, your ‘sponsor’ just takes the money and run!

But most importantly, and this is what we want to stress the most, you get the chance to learn from the Master Marketers and Copywriters David Wood & David Sharpe! The training offered with Empower Network is cutting edge. You will NEVER have to buy another internet marketing course ever! It’s all right here.

Empower Network

Everybody in the industry knows that these 2 are true internet marketing genius’.

And you get to plug into their marketing formulas for success!

It only makes sense to learn from the best doesn’t it?

So, if you want to finally make money online and you’re ready to start making some REAL money in this industry, click here to find out what Empower Network is all about – You Want To See This!


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