Empower Network Results | How Did We Finish In The Top 150 In Empower Network?

by Alex

Empower Network results vary from affiliate to affiliate but the bottom line is this … if YOU work, Empower Network WILL work for YOU.

empower network results

To give you a bit of history we joined the MLM industry back in July of 2011. We were completely brand new to the world of Multi Level Marketing and Network Marketing and the only thing we were told to do, was make a list of everyone we knew starting with family and friends and introduce all of them to our new opportunity.

We were enthusiastic in the beginning and signed up a few people but we soon worked out that we were going to run out of our warm market pretty quickly.

And then it became quite apparent that in order for us to be successful we were either going to need to develop extremely engaging personalities and hit Wal-Mart or we were going to have to look further afield.

Well, the idea of hitting Wal-Mart didn’t appeal so we hit the internet instead.

And that’s how we came across Empower Network.

We knew instantly that this was a vehicle we could use to attract people to our primary business, and it was an affiliate product we could make good money on too.

So, fast forward to the present day.

empower network resultsOur Empower Network results have been quite spectacular.

We made it to the Top 150 (*128) out of 50,000 affiliates for the last competition they were running (beating out some pretty stiff competition) for the Empower Network San Diego Event.

But what’s most important for you to appreciate is that because of the training available in Empower Network we are now ranking on the first page of Google for most of our keywords AND our primary business.

What this means is, we’re getting leads daily for our primary business AND we’re making money with Empower Network.

We’ve had the very good fortune to connect with some great trainers in Empower Network. By following their strategies we’ve been able to achieve some remarkable Empower Network results.

At the recent event in San Diego we hooked up with David Wood’s SEO Guru … here’s what he has to say about us and our Empower Network results.

Now I want to show you what Empower Network can do for you.

If you’re struggling to get leads for your primary business, or you’re struggling to make money online, Empower Network can change all of that.

We only really started to work our Empower Network business hard since June 2012. So our Empower Network results reflect what one can achieve after only four months of putting in to practice what Empower Network teaches.

For those brand new to the world of Multi Level Marketing and Network Marketing Empower Network is, in my opinion one of the most revolutionary ways of getting of getting high quality, targeted leads for your business.

To learn How To Get Empower Network results like these …




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Empower Network results vary, but if you’re prepared to follow the strategies we teachYou Will Be Successful in both your primary business and Empower Network.




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