Empower Network Newbie Training

by Alex

Empower Network Newbie BEWARE.

Don’t join any team until you’ve seen the type of Empower Network Newbie Training and Mentorship you get with Team Alex and Erica

  empower network newbie training

Here’s the thing. One of the most important decisions you’ll ever make when joining a new business opportunity is the sponsor you choose.

So my recommendation to you is this … Do Your Homework.

Here’s a few things an Empower Network Newbie needs to ask themselves:

1) Will my sponsor be accessible?

Now, I’m not talking about looking for a sponsor who’s going to hold your hand and baby sit you. Because at the end of the day, you don’t want to be doing that for your team members either.

You want to be creating a business whilst having a life. And you can’t do that if you’re busy being Mother Theresa to your whole team. In fact, your team will be crippled if you do that.

What I’m talking about is … if you have a question that can’t be answered either on Google, YouTube or in your sponsor’s Training Site it’s nice to know that you can reach out to your sponsor and because they already know that you’ve searched high and low for the answers yourself, will answer you within 24 hours.

2) Does my sponsor have a good track record with training?

In other words, do they have success in training an Empower Network Newbie how to blog, how to create compelling videos, how to do Social Media Marketing, how to do solo ads, how to do paid marketing … and the list goes on and on and on …

3) Does my sponsor have integrity?

Now this is one of the most critical factors an Empower Network Newbie needs to consider.

You see, you’re building a business … you’re not dabbling with a hobby.

When you work this business right you have the potential to reach your definition of financial freedom fast. The sky’s the limit and is only determined by your level of effort and commitment. So it makes sense that you would want to be associated with a brand that represents integrity as that is what’s going to carry you the furthest.

So how do you find out the answers to all of these questions?

My recommendation would be to reach out to your potential sponsor and endeavor to strike up a relationship with them beforehand. You’ll work out pretty quickly if they are the type of sponsor you are looking for.

Also, check testimonials … they speak volumes about your potential sponsor.

empower network newbie trainingempower network newbie training

empower network newbie training

empower network newbie training

empower network newbie training

empower network newbie training

empower network newbie training

empower network newbie training

empower network newbie training

empower network newbie training

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empower network newbie training

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Alex and Erica Udeanu are online Affiliate Marketers who have created a MULTIPLE SIX FIGURE INCOME* in multiple online businesses. They have built an International Team spanning the USA, the UK, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand and specialize in Coaching and Mentoring "total newbies" who are Getting Online for the very first time. Whether you're trying to Get More Leads for your Home Based Business, or you're looking to Build a Home Based Business from scratch, Alex and Erica will provide you with the Systems and Strategies you need to Get You To Where You Want To Be. If you'd like to work directly with us, CLICK HERE NOW.

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