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Empower Network Nails List Building

by Alex

The economic reality that has sent many would be entrepreneurs to the internet looking to find a way to make money online has been met with an unorthodox solution in the form of Empower Network.

I say unorthodox because in what business model does it make sense to give away 100% commissions? And yet that’s exactly what Empower Network has done. They have discovered a commission loophole that either the guru’s knew about but didn’t want to share, or that the guru’s had no clue about, but now wish they did.

You see, Empower Network has come along at a time when ordinary folk are sick and tired of the empty promises made by the guru’s. You know what I’m talking about. The false promises that if you buy their products they’ll show you how to generate instant traffic, how to get 100 leads a day, how to earn $15k per month … they promise so much and yet 95% of them deliver so little.

And that’s what separates Empower Network from every other online guru money making machine.

Empower Network really does teach you how to generate traffic and leads online and they also teach you how to earn $15k per month.

Believe me, I’ve been more fed up with empty promises than I care to share right here. But I’ve found Empower Network to be the complete opposite of what everyone else is selling. If a company is prepared to give away 100% commissions and keep NOTHING for themselves, that has to tell you something.

And if you’re wondering how the leaders in Empower Network make money, it’s the same way you do, by building a list and getting the message out there.

So that brings us to the 64,000 question: How Do You Build A List With Empower Network?empower network

Empower Network has removed the technical aspect of list building by providing a system that can be integrated with your Aweber or Get Response auto responder. When a prospect enters their email to watch the sales video through your lead capture page they are automatically placed in your autoresponder as a lead. This happens whether they purchase the system or not, allowing you to capture their information send follow up emails promoting the Empower Network system through the email swipe copy that is provided by Empower Network or from you personally.  

The great thing about these leads is that not only are they targeted, and have shown specific interest in you and your business, they are yours to keep and can be funneled into any of your other opportunities or product campaigns.

Learning the various strategies that go into building a successful sales funnel to generate the right type of leads and consistent leads can be a challenge. Building a list on your own takes a lot of time and money that many online marketers just do not have.

Empower Network makes it easy by covering the four basic principles of list building.

1. Have a Converting Web Form on Your Site

Your Empower Network Blog comes with a fully monetized theme. No matter where the prospect clicks they will be taken to your lead capture page and entered into your sales funnel. Check out our Empower Network Blog here. See the ultimate sales funnel at work. You could spend $1,000’s trying to reinvent the wheel, not to mention how many hours you’d need to invest. All that time and money spent, when you have it all done for you already with Empower Network.

2. Have Valuable Content That is Useful to Your Readers

One of the most important ways to be successful with Empower Network is to blog daily.

And this is where we hit the sweet spot. People always ask me, “What do I blog about?” And the answer is so blindingly simple. You blog about what you love, what you’re passionate about.

We use our Empower Network Blog to blog about Empower Network, our other business opportunities, inspiration and motivation, and my wife has a personal blog within our blog. You can use it for whatever you like. That’s the beauty of it.

I recommend that you be as original as possible, find your niche market and go after it.

You’ll find lots of great blogging tips right here, so take time to look around. For example, click this link to find out how your keyword research will conquer online obscurity. No point having a great blog if no-one can find you.

3. Offer Great Products and Services

Empower Network’s plug ‘n’ play viral blog/marketing system is so easy that anyone from the most experienced to the person who joined a few hours ago can make money online. It levels the playing field for everyone and creates success stories that position those using it as an industry leader in a way that’s never been seen before.

4. Ethical Lead Generation

Anyone who opts into your Empower Network list is there because they opted into your site. There were no unethical practices involved which allows you to maintain the reputation of being a quality marketer.

For a quick overview of the Empower Network system CLICK HERE NOW.

So that’s how you build your list with Empower Network. Believe me, building a list with some so-called ‘list builders’ can be a very expensive and fruitless endeavor.

 Join our team and start making 100% commissions


We’ll even help you with your keyword research and get you on the right track fast!


Oh … and my wife has a few words she’d like to say … You Want To See This!


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