Empower Network Marketing System | The Ultimate Sales Funnel

by Alex

Empower Network Marketing System Is The Ultimate Sales Funnel

Empower Network Marketing SystemWell, you’ve probably already found an Empower Network blog if you’ve done a bit of research on the internet and if you haven’t seen one you can take a look at ours.

So let’s break down the Empower Network Marketing System and how it all works.

At the top of the blog, above the fold, you’ll notice a large header with an option to place your own photo for personal branding, and tabs.

Empower Network Marketing System

The Header is designed to attract people to watch the video which is linked to your affiliate account so you get credited with the sale at a later date.

When your visitor to your blog opts in, by submitting their email address, they are placed in your AutoResponder and will receive a series of follow up messages, and then they are directed to the sales video.

Once they have watched the video, they enter into a sales funnel* where the aim of the funnel is to get them to Join The Opportunity.

If for some reason the time is not right for your visitor, you are able to continue to market your opportunity as they are now receiving your emails.

The Navigation Bar in the blog is dedicated to more information about your opportunity. You can change these tabs if you want to, but they are there to add credibility and an opportunity to get your visitor into your sales funnel.

Why The Empower Network Marketing System Works So Well

The Empower Network domain is one of the most visited websites in the world with a current Alexa Ranking in the US of 264.

To check right now go to Alexa.com and enter in www.empowernetwork.com to get the most up to date Alexa Ranking.

Why blogging is at the heart of the Empower Network Marketing System

The two Dave’s propose you should blog at least once per day on a topic of your choice. This is designed to get Traffic to your opportunity.

When you post an article to your blog, it gets indexed by the search engines quickly which means you can be found on the internet soon after you hit ‘Publish’.

This is good because if you write a post around a keyword that gets lots of searches you are bound to get Traffic (visitors) because of the power of the Empower Network domain.

What do I mean by power? The Empower Network domain has a Page Rank of 4/10. That’s strong. To give you a comparison, Google has a Page Rank of 9/10. You can Check Page Rank Here.

The Empower Network Marketing System and Your AutoResponder

You will have an option to add your own AutoResponder to your Lead Capture Pages. If you do not have an AutoResponder, connect with us and we’ll share with you our high converting AutoResponder series of follow up messages.

Once you have a lead, a series of emails will be sent to your subscriber on a regular basis to get them into your opportunity.

The links inside the emails are coded to you so you receive 100% commissions when your lead joins your team. The emails being sent to your subscribers are extremely powerful and designed to encourage your lead to join your team.

The Empower Network sales funnel is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Training Inside The Empower Network Marketing System

Empower Network has become the No.1 ‘Go To’ system for the best internet marketing training around. Internet Marketing Gurus from all over are now flocking to Empower Network because of it’s undeniable cutting edge, up-to-date, ‘what’s working now’ training provided.

There are a hundreds of videos and audios prepared by Internet Marketing leaders who are making money online and prepared to share their ‘secrets’ of how they’re doing it. There are also recommended reading lists that will put you streets ahead of most Internet Marketers today.

Take the time to learn as much as you can and apply all you learn to your business.

Empower Network is still young and there is still so much room for you to grow your business exponentially in the years to come.

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* In this post I explain why Empower Network is The Ultimate Sales Funnel.

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