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Beachbody Review | Beachbody Review By Someone Who’s Actually Taken The 90 Day Challenge And Has The Results To Prove It!

by Alex

I want to have a chat with you about Beachbody. Once again, this is not a company that I am affiliated with. This is however a company I have made it my business to find out about.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first. Get ripped in 90 days? Yeah right! So rather than stay skeptical, I wanted to see if I could get ripped instead of ripped off. Heck, all the testimonials couldn’t be faked could they?

There are so many companies out there promising outlandish results which simply don’t deliver. They leave you crest-fallen as you try and fail yet again at getting that body you’ve always believed would change your life.

Well I am here to let you know that for guaranteed amazing results, you CAN count on Beachbody to get you there. So let’s get into it.

Beachbody was founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon. The company mainly focuses on health and fitness and offers various home fitness programs, supplements, and fitness gear.

Beachbody Review

It always fascinates me to read negative Beachbody reviews by people who haven’t gone through any of the programs. What fascinates me even more is that 30% of the people who buy the fitness programs don’t even take them out of the box and some of these people are the ones saying it doesn’t work!

How can you possibly say something doesn’t work or isn’t viable if you haven’t even tried it?

So I took the 90 day Beachbody Challenge.

Here are the results. Judge for yourself if you think it works or not.

Beachbody Review

Their best-selling fitness programs include TurboFire, P90X, Insanity, Tony Horton’s 10-minute Trainer, Brazil Butt Lift, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, ChaLEAN Extreme, and Slim in 6.

These fitness programs allow people who do not have the time to regularly go the gym to have a routine they can adhere to.

Fitness programs are easy and can be done by anyone. Not only that, they give amazing results in 90 days and even as early as 30 days!

Their product range includes, but is not limited to Slimming Formula, 2-day Fast Formula, Shakeology, Core Cal-Mag, Core Omega-3, Core Nutrition Pack, ActiVit Multivitamins, Performance Formula, and P90X Results and Recovery Formula.

These products help you slim down while not depriving you of the nutrients you need.

There are also many pieces of equipment that can help with a person’s fitness training, not to mention a very cool t-shirt that reads “Bring it”. Beachbody REivew

The products offered by Beachbody are safe and effective and are based on careful research and studies.

The exercise routines that get you ripped are the brain child of Tony Horton who is the coolest dude ever. This guy makes you laugh even when you’re in excruciating pain.

But because of his energy and commitment to you, you just want to “Do Your Best And Forget The Rest!”

Beachbody also provides people an opportunity to help others to get back into shape and earn money for themselves. With its Team Beachbody Coach system, people who have enthusiasm for health and wellness can register as coaches. Coaches receive commissions from retailing Beachbody’s products and by recruiting, training and supporting new Coaches.

There’s also a chance for Coaches to get a higher rank and enjoy better compensation plans through hard work.

To become a Team Beachbody Coach all you have to do is purchase a starter kit for $39.99 and then pay $14.95 every month after that. Beachbody Reivew

Monthly auto-ship of products to the tune of $55/month will keep you active and this is pretty easy to do if you buy the very delicious protein bars and orange recovery drink (this drink is nirvana – YUM!)

There are other fees and you can check that out directly with Team Beachbody as they may change after publishing this post.

The compensation plan itself consists of eight ways to make money, operates as a binary and pays out weekly. And just like other network marketing companies, your income will be a result of the effort you and your team members put in.

Additionally as you progress in the company you’ll find Team Beachbody placing customers underneath you. Oh and did I mention this? Team Beachbody spends $100 million/year on infomercials and other forms of advertising and you get to benefit directly from the 30,000 new customers they get each week.

This can be an extremely lucrative opportunity.

In my opinion Beachbody is an awesome company, with an excellent name and a reputation you can trust.

The people behind Beachbody make sure you get the best out of its products as a consumer and earn money easily as a Coach. So, for people who need to get back into shape fast or earn money whilst helping others, I fully endorse and recommend the Beachbody Company.

And when you want to start blogging to the world about your success we’ll get you started with your own viral blogging platform.

We want you to be able to share your success with the masses AND make extra money doing it.

Check out how you can make more money with Beachbody by blogging about it to the masses by CLICKING HERE.

Good luck and kudos to you for wanting to make a difference in the lives of others.

Beachbody Review

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Hey buddy! Thanks for stopping by. Funny you should mentioned the protein bars and the recovery drink ... sometimes when I didn't want to work out I would just 'press play' so I could enjoy the bars and drink later on. They are "money" as Tony would say. When I checked the ingredients they all looked pretty good to me ... so I say go for it. There's a lot of rubbish out there when it comes to sports supplements and nutrition. I personally think Beachbody has nailed it in this area. Haven't stepped up to P90X2 yet ... my major workout is on my board right now. Surfing's got me hooked for the moment. But thanks for the offer of being a workout buddy. That's an awesome concept. What are the major differences between P90X and P90X2? And just out of curiosity, what's the skinny on the 10 minute workout? Alex

Mark Klanac
Mark Klanac

I've got to say, great post and review of Beachbody. I especially liked where you mentioned how amazing the protein bars and recovery drink is! As a coach with Beachbody, sometimes people don't want to just take my word for it because they think I am just "selling" them. But I sell them, because I LOVE them! They are BY FAR the best tasting products I've ever had (and I've had a ton). Great job covering the products AND the business of Team Beachbody. A lot of people don't realize that they can actually get paid for doing P90X. Oh, and receiving free customers friggin' rocks! Alex, if you're ever looking for a workout buddy in the Online Super Gym, look me up! WorkoutSuccess is my screen name. Great results with the X! Keep on bringin' it! Are you stepping up to P90X2??


Thanks Paula. Glad you enjoyed it. Good luck with your transformation. Let me know how it went. :)

Paula Stevens
Paula Stevens

Interesting website. Perused it today for the first time and will definitely visit again. Alex writes with honesty and a down-to-earthness. I'll also look into the Beachbody fitness program as I'd love my 'female' form to transform as much as Alex's has.

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