Affordable SEO … Does It Exist?

by Alex

Is there such a thing as affordable SEO?

affordable SEOWhen deciding on SEO as your preferred method of getting traffic you have two choices. You can outsource to an SEO company or if you want affordable SEO you can learn how to do it yourself. And believe it or not, doing it yourself is not as hard as you may think.

Get Traffic or Die

In order for your online business to succeed you must have traffic. You can either pay for that traffic through paid advertising, ezines and other means … or you can decide to go the SEO route and get all your traffic for free.

However in doing so there is an outlay in costs to get your website highly ranked on all the major search engines. The more ranking you would like to obtain, on multiple pages, using multiple keywords and phrases, the more costly it can be.

But the real question is just how costly? Is there really such a thing as affordable SEO? You may want to save money, but you also need to stay in business.

What is the average cost for employing an SEO company?

The problem with most SEO companies is that they charge a small fortune ($2,000-$3,000)  for a few basic SEO campaigns which may include the optimization of only a few web pages and ranking of two to three keywords or phrases.

The current going rate for in-house SEO work is anywhere from $40 to $60/hr, with external rates going for around $100/hour. That’s not exactly what I would call affordable SEO.

If you’re a large company, these rates may be fine but for most small businesses they are out of the question.

Even a large company may be better off handing their SEO tasks over to a capable employee who can learn the required skills and techniques and apply these when required.

One or two people with such capabilities would not only save the company profits but would allow their business to adapt to new SEO products a lot faster than having to outsource.

What the SEO companies don’t want you to know

What you are not being told by the SEO companies is that search engine ranking is really not that difficult to master.

By learning something as simple as how to use H1, H2, H3 tags effectively you’re already on your way to performing affordable SEO. Throw in an image with the keyword in your ALT TAG, have a keyword density of 1%-2% and you’re well on your way to seeing how simple and affordable SEO can be.

And once you have high rankings for any selected keywords, with just a little maintenance you can keep yourself there.

Without a doubt, obtaining high rankings by doing it yourself is achievable. With so many affordable SEO guides, memberships and software packages online today, I wonder why so many companies are yet to educate their own staff to be in-house SEO specialists.

So, is this to say that learning all SEO techniques is a walk in the park? Of course not. But any person with a reasonable ability in technical matters could have a large website on it’s way to excellent ranking positions within as little as two weeks.

Unfortunately what most lack in SEO, is a clear and concise plan of action.

Yes, many will learn the techniques and methods required but then fail to implement the complete plan thus resulting in minimal outcomes. As with any marketing campaign, it must be implemented right through to the very last step, SEO is no different.

With the continuing improvement of search engines to supply more accurate results, search engine marketing will continue to grow and be in high demand.

The decision you have to make for your own business is….

Exactly how much income do you wish to take out of your own pocket in using such services, or are you prepared to take on the responsibility of learning SEO and being the master of your own rankings?

To get you started, here’s 3 Super Simple SEO Solutions for 2012.


We consistently rank on the first page of Google for many of our keywords. If you want to know how we implement affordable SEO techniques check out the Internet Marketing Tools we use.


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